7/21/2014 - Busy day - short letter

Hey Family!

this week has been a little hectic but good.  it feels like last monday was three weeks ago.  our secteur [area] is really progressing well.  we don't have enough time to spend working in our own secteur but if we did it would be exploding.  we have a really strong relationship with the members here in our branch and that is helping us so much.  primary was great yesterday.  i missed it last week in togo.

Elder Ringle is now in my apartment with elder Diallo.  he is from logan ut. elder ritchie [Elder Rybin's companion that just left to go home] grew up in michigan but lives in salt lake-ish area.  i gave him some stuff that he brought home with him that i bought here so he'll probably send that or come by or something.  i don't know.  i'm not sure when his homecoming is either.

Hey family sorry for the weird letter but i have to go now.  need to do some stuff with the presidento!

Elder Rybin