6/2/2014 - Day at the beach and Van excitement

it has been a very crazy week!  we have been super busy and i’m really tired but its been great.  we have done awesome in our secteur this week even with everything going on.  we just got back from an activity at the beach.  we played baseball, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee.  it was really fun.  the weather was amazing.  it was overcast and it drizzled rain a couple of times but it let us play for a long time without the sun tiring us out.  but im probably going to be sore tomorrow.  we had only a couple of dog toy tennis balls and then a bamboo stick to play baseball but it worked out really great.

I think the biggest adventure of this week happened on friday.  we had to take elder desvergez and elder diallo out to Hevie, a village just outside of cococodji, with two of their investigators to have them get married.  with all the witnesses and missionaries we needed to get the van.  so late on thursday night we stopped by the bureau [office] and grabbed the mini bus van.  so friday morning we get everyone packed into the van and on the road.  and before going on i need to add a few things here.  the van has no 4 wheel drive like our truck. second, it had rained a lot thursday and then friday morning it was coming down pretty good until we got on the road and then it calmed down a little but was still raining.  so elder ritchie is driving and we get to this giant mud puddle.  normally, we take it on the left side but we know that its pretty deep over there but we get through with the truck.  so i say,  what about the right side.  and it looked a lot less deep so we head over to the right.  just a little bit into the puddle.  BAM!!! the front of the van falls into this huge hole!  elder ritchie and i just look at each other and say oh no..... so we take off our shoes, roll up our pants and head out into the mud.  and the helpful beninois that they are we had about 20 people trying every trick in the book to get our van out.  nothing is working.  we pushed, we pulled, we lifted, we yelled, we cried, we prayed, we did everything.  not a budge.  so we said you rest of the lot get on to marriage just leave us miserable yovos here. [yovo is a white person]  so just elder ritchie, elder desvergez and i stayed.  so long story short we had to call in the office elders to come with their truck and a chain and pull us out. which was pretty awesome.  it was to say the least, an epic day.  

well now that this story has taken all the time i have im going to attach some pictures and then head off.  hold tight.  these are pretty good.  :)  

but i love you all!  life is great!  have a great week!

Elder Rybin

ps the last one is just a picture i took at the beach today.  we were at the obama beach..... haha