6/16/2014 - Lots of lasts, L'elu baptized

Hey family!

we are writing a little early again.  we have a meeting in a couple of minutes with president and not too long after that we have to head up to calavi to give someone a blessing.  so we came in a little early and are writing.  this had been a pretty crazy week, but a nice relaxing p day.  driving was crazy as usual.  we were driving around pretty much every day this last week. thursday driving over it rained the whole trip so the roads were absolutely destroyed.  friday driving back we couldn’t leave togo until a little later and got caught in nasty traffic coming into cotonou.  we ended up getting back late on friday night and then saturday morning we were up and on the road again for the transfer. but traffic on saturday was really great and we had no problems with delays.  all in all, no deaths, no huge holes and chains.  a couple of hiccups in our plans but a very exhausting good week.  as i think back over the week. it feels like it has been a whole month because it was so crazy.

and to top off the busy week.  L'elu got baptized right after church on sunday.  he is so awesome.  he is super solid.  he bore a really simple and great testimony at his baptism about joseph smith and the book of mormon.  i just attached a picture or two pictures of him at the baptism.  one with all of us then one with me.

Elder Kognani, Elder Ritchie, L'elu, and Elder Rybin
Elder Rybin and L'elu

the other picture that i attached is something we took friday in togo at a conference with all the missionaries to bear testimony and say good bye to president and sister weed in togo. 

Togo missionaries, President and Sister Weed and Elder and Sister Stagg

this friday we have the same thing here in benin.  also this week we have our last interviews with president weed.  i just wrote a letter for him and sister weed that the couple is putting into a journal for them.  that’s a lot of lasts!  time has flown by so quickly.  president morin will be here in just a couple of weeks!  sad, crazy and exciting all at the same time.

hope you all have a great week.  i love you all!


Elder Rybin