6/30/2014 - Elder Rybin serves in Primary in the new branch


We had a pretty successful week this week in our secteur [area].  it was great.  we also had a new missionary come in on tuesday but he missed his flight in chicago so i haven’t seen him yet but he’s here safe and sound - since wednesday i think.  

wow!  we just had our last meeting with President and Sister Weed.  it is going to be a crazy week.  tomorrow night president morin lands i think about 8 30 pm and president weed leaves around 9 30.  i think that we will be there at the airport to greet President and Sister Morin.  I’m nervous and sad and excited all at the same time.  planning for this week was a little weird because we really didn’t know what all is going to happen.  but certainly it will be a ride. 

have i talked to you yet about our primary?!  It is pretty amazing.  since we have a newly created branch with virtually 100 percent recent converts that need lots of help. not enough melchizedek priesthood and all those fun beginning of church make you shiver kind of things all are happening.  but it’s actually super amazing.  elder ritchie and i got stuck with the primary.

when i say stuck i mean that all the other elders quickly called classe des amis [investigator classes] and sunday school and basically everything they could get their hands on. sooooo we got stuck in the primary.  which at the beginning was the near death of us and near beating of multiple children, BUT!  we are seeing miracles happen!  our primary is becoming the best in cotonou!  it’s amazing.  we are remembering all those things our teachers used to do for us that we never understood why.  well I will tell you.  its cuz those ladies are ladies and ladies know how to teach kids!  

we just got a primary president called and she said "you guys have got to help me out. A LOT.  because i haven’t a clue how to do primary." so we went by and helped her a little and she came with a bunch of little papers that she had written the first article of faith on and we learned in primary and then passed them out to the kids!  i have written way to many exclamation marks in this primary part but i am really happy about how things are going.  the church is true.  it has to be.  its the best too.  

the history of the church here in benin and togo is so similar to the history of the church in the early days.  you know those kind of "sketchy" days.  but its so amazing.  ritchie put it well when he said. "this is the lord’s church.  its got to be.  if not it would never have made it this far.  it would have fallen apart in to a whole bunch of apostate junk a long time ago."  basically it is all true.  in sacrament meeting yesterday i was thinking during the sacrament and this is what came to mind.  the beauty of the gospel is so clear to me now.  its incredible.  

well got to go!  love you all.
have a great week!
Elder Rybin