5/26/2014 - feeling better, rainy season, L'élu and Severin

hey family!  

health is back so no worries.  just felt really crappy and it wasn't going away so i went a got a blood test and it came back that i had malaria.  I just drank lots of water and took meds but all is well now.  and we just stayed in our apartment we weren't in the hospital or anything like that.  elder diallo is a zone leader that just got transferred over here to replace elder dagrou who is going home on wednesday.  so while we've been as three they have too.  it's been a little crowded in the apartment but we make do.  he's super awesome though i really like him.  he is also iviorien.  

schools almost done!  wow and memorial day.  sounds like you are all super happy to officially start summer this week.  the rainy season here has been a lot better than the one last year.  we have had a decent amount of rain.  it gets pretty muddy but we drive a truck for most of the time.  i never thought i would like to drive a truck but 4 wheel drive offroading in the rain is actually super fun. haha 

not much really exciting this week happened.  it was kind of a regular week that we spent in our secteur which was really nice.  we have a couple solid people we are teaching that i'm excited to see progress.  they have desire so i like working with them.  we have one whose name is L'élu - which is a french word that means directly translated "the elect" haha.  he's super awesome.  his dad has kicked him out of the house and doesn't recognize him as part of the family anymore so we teach him at a member's house but he's young i think he's 18 or something like that.  but since i've been here he has really turned towards the gospel and progressed a lot.  it has been really amazing.  he's going to get baptized here coming up on the 7th of june.  i'm really happy with him and for him.  

we are also teaching a guy, severin.  he works for a cooking gig so he travels around a lot cooking for big things like weddings and stuff like that.  he is also friends with a couple of our other recent converts.  he is really strong and really wants to get baptized.  he has a couple things to work through but he will pull out.  he is really great.  

this week should again let us work more in the sectuer.  we are doing a split on thursday but other than that we do not have much else to do.  but june is going to be super busy for us and also july.  we just got done with a meeting that we have weekly with president weed, talking about the calendar and we are in for a ride for these next couple of months, especially with the big change of president coming up so quickly.

alrighty!  i think that's just about it for this week.  but there is one most important thing. i have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!  i think it is on saturday or something like that but i know its this week.  have a great week and a great birthday.  i love you so much!  you are the best mother ever!

and as for the rest of you i like you guys too.... a little

Elder Rybin