7/28/2014 - Busy life and member/missionary soccer in the rain

Hey family!  

We had a pretty busy week these last couple of days.  President Morin visited with all the missionaries here in Benin a little like we during our last trip to Togo.  We had another special sacrament meeting on Thursday.  So our Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday were completely booked.  Friday the other companionship has a couple that they have been teaching for a while now.  They have been putting things together for the marriage for a long time now,  since that day that we fell in the big hole with the bus.  Well after a whole lot of hoop jumping we finally got things all worked out.  So Friday afternoon we picked up everyone and took them to the marriage.  It was a great day.  Especially for them.  They have worked so hard to get married.

Here getting married is kind of a pain in the butt.  Everyone’s corrupt and doesn’t care or doesn’t know.  And here, not like in Togo, the dowry doesn’t count as being married.  So it’s a little trickier.  But not impossible.  We are working with a couple right now, Leonard and Cristiane.  They are both Togolais so they are going to pay the dowry in Togo.  Things are moving along, just got to have a little faith and patience.

Then Saturday we had to make calls for a transfer that is coming up over these next two weeks.  We worked really closely with President Morin during this transfer unlike what we would do usually with transfers with President Weed.  It was a really neat experience.  I am learning so much from President Morin.  Today we had a district planned soccer activity with the members.  We went to a field in Gbedjomede right down town.  But the clouds came in the morning and it started really pouring.  It has stopped on and off but it’s still overcast and rainy right now.  Didn't stop us though.  We played in the mud, rain, puddles and all.  Too bad the members won..... it was fun though.  I'm probably going to be sore tomorrow. We were super soaked.  

As for this week, we are headed out to Togo again.  President is going to work with a lot of missionaries and we have a couple of meetings and a transfer.  These next two weeks are going to be really busy.  Not like its anything different from what we have been living for the last month though.  We are leaving on Wednesday and will be back Sunday night.  But Saturday we are coming back to the Border to swap missionaries.  

That’s a little bit of the general break down.  A couple other little things are happening.  We are going to start teaching a mission prep/scripture study class on Saturday nights because there are a lot of youth that want to go on missions here and they are in summer vacation right now.  Also I have started a little challenge around the ward.  I've been telling everyone that whoever can finish the Book of Mormon before I go home on the 9th of December (yeah I was going to tell you all.  My date got pushed back a week because of the date of arriving missionaries.  sorry if that ruins plans or what not but yeah) I will give them something special.  I’m not sure what yet.  we are trying to decide something simple but special.  What is really important is getting them to read and finish the Book of Mormon.  

Also Mom for your question what I'm studying right now.  Actually I just finish the Doctrine and Covenants in French just a couple days ago.  So I pulled out my character of Christ Book of Mormon and continued that.  I started it in the MTC but at the beginning of my mission, but I got bogged down reading that and the Book of Mormon in French so I postponed English.  But I as of now right I am at the end of 3rd Nephi so I'll be done soon.  I think before the end of the mission I am going to try and read Pearl of Great Price in French and then restart (maybe finish?) the character of Christ Book of Mormon that I already started so that I can really focus on what I marked instead of making sure that I got it all marked.     

And that’s all for now folks!  I love you lots enjoy the long letter.  Or at least I think its long, I’ve been writing forever now!

Elder Rybin