5/11/2014 - Skype conversation with Elder Rybin on Mother's Day

We had a great time talking with Elder Rybin on Mother's Day - despite the time waiting to connect!  Love those talks!  Here are some of his comments about his missionary life.

Travel between Cotonou, Benin and Lome, Togo is about 3-4 hours.  Roads are pretty beat up.  There are a lot of big old semi truck that were used in the 1960's.  They drive a 15 passenger van between countries and when they transport many missionaries.  The mission also has a truck.  He saw a camel on the road yesterday, a one hump Sally, with the top of the hump about 7-8 feet.

Elder Rybin was in Togo for a transfer.  They are taking a lot of missionaries back to Benin.  The mission is opening a new area in Porto Novo, the capital city of Benin. 

They are super busy with meetings, driving around.  His companionship does not have a lot of investigators.  They have zone conferences.  They do splits with the missionaries after zone conferences.  The last one he went with a Congolais Elder and a new elder. 

When asked about the differences between the Togolais and the Beninois people, he said the Togolais might be a little bit friendlier. 

In his area there is a group - not a branch or a ward.  The group was split off from the branch in Cococodji because there were too many people attending.  The group meets in the missionary's home.  They have 50-65 people attending.  They have sacrament meeting, then primary (outside), YM/YW, Relief Society and Priesthood.  A person is called as the "Chef de Groupe" - group leader.

As a missionary it is hard when their investigators are not able to read the scriptures.

Azandé means goodbye in both Fon (Benin) and Eve (Togo).