7/7/2014 - President Morin arrives, Primary visitor

Elder Rybin and Elder Ritchie with the Primary children


What a crazy week!  it has been a wild ride but really an amazing experience.  President and Sister Morin are amazing people.  they are going to be perfect for this mission.  President Morin is super patient, loving and kind, funny and wise.  I have so much confidence in him already.  It has been interesting to see the similarities and differences between him and President Weed.  I miss President Weed but at the same time I am really excited about being able to spend these next couple of months with President Morin.  I have already learned a lot from him and I'm sure to learn a lot more.

This week we had multiple really late nights and long days.  we worked with multiple districts of missionaries.  President wanted to get on the field to practice all this studying he has been doing and he wanted to feel more than understand missionary work during these couple of days.  he is awesome.  his accent is so canadien.  his wife’s accent makes me smile every time.  it surprises me how fast i’ve come to love them so much.  

in other news we had another great day in the primary yesterday.  i’m going to send a couple pictures that elder ritchie took of Joseph Le Berger [Joseph the shepherd].  our lesson was about le bon berger [the good shepherd] so we invited joseph who lives in jerusalem to come and tells us about what he does.  the kids loved it.  it is elder ritchies last sunday here in benin (next sunday we will be in togo with president morin)  so at the end we took a picture with all the kids.  it was great.  

Joseph Le Berger from Jerusalem

sounds like everyone is doing good back home.  heard dad found some pigeons to take care off. haha thats awesome.  love you all!!
have a great week

Elder Rybin