5/19/2014 - Busy week and MALARIA!!!

This week was a little crazy.  its all seemed to be mixed up together.  here's a quick overview of what my week was like. We started off last monday by coming back from Togo and so we were super busy. tuesday we spent a normal day in the sectuer [area] with our amis [investigators]. and then wednesday we had to drop some more missionaries off at the border to finish the transfer and had coordination meeting at night. then on thursday we had another normal day in the sectuer but that night i wasn't feeling well and we went home and went almost right to bed.  Then friday, saturday, sunday i spent in bed. sick with malaria.  yep you heard right BUT  don't freak out!  I'm just finishing up the medicine and i was up and about today.  first time though, long couple of days.... haha.  so that was kind of the week.  i missed a lot of it but it was a good week of working in the secteur.  Actually elder Diallo has malaria too so we were buddies at home all week which helped the others to be able to be in the sectuer during the week while we slept at home.  Our secteur is on the upswing now.  

Anyways as for benin we have 4 zones in benin.  but they are a little smaller so its just about the same amount of missionaries.  in benin also there are about 12 branches and we are adding two more in a couple of weeks. porto novo and cocotomey where we are at.  actually the amount of missionaries is about 110 right now give or take a couple here and there.  but its going to go down a little because we are losing a couple big groups of missionaries in the next couple of months and we are not getting a super big lot but it will go back up again.  usually it stays about the same though.  the latest news on the stake elder ritchie said that he talked with the district president and he said that hopefully around the beginning of next year.  they have found a place for a building and they are going to start building after they do something or another and I'm not sure about all that.  most is just rumors going around.  but its not really that far off.  

its the 17 month mark today.  this month is almost over and next month is going to go by so quickly because we have a lot of things to do and then president weed is leaving.  wow.  its coming so quickly.

well i think that's all for this week.  thanks for your letters! 
i love you all!

elder Rybin