9/15/14 - Kpalime visit, Hall of Arts shopping, Narcisse baptized

Monday, September 15, 2014 7:00 AM
We have a little bit of time right now.  Its a little earlier than usual.  I'm keeping mom on her toes.  One week super early the other one super late and so she has to stay in front of the computer for hours waiting for my message.  do you still do that mom?  like you did for Benjamin?  haha ok well this week went by really fast.  It seems all the weeks we go to Togo go really fast, which nowadays is like every week sooo times just flying by.  We are already halfway through September.  

We went to the Hall of Arts today with our apartment.  I really liked it.  it is a place where you can go and get a whole bunch of little souvenirs and stuff.  So i need to ask all of you: what do you want me to get you as gifts coming home? that's to everyone (mom, dad, benjamin, his new wife that i still dont know, crystal and family, emma, nathan, etc) just give me a few ideas.  Benjamin i don't think a lion pelt is realistic but a good idea nonetheless.  Emma i got you something in Kpalime this last week.  I think you'll like it.  BUT its a surprise...... hahaha so you'll have to wait a couple more months.  i think it is yours and nathan's birthdays in a couple of weeks. 

We are planning on having another baptism on the 27th.  did I tell you that Narcisse got baptized this last Saturday?  did i tell you that I'm getting a new companion this week?  wow things just happen so fast.  First of all yes there is a transfer this week.  Elder Kognani is going to train a new missionary in Kodjoviakope in Togo.  that's where potter is at right now.  he is training as well.  a new iviorien.  my new companion is Elder Bulunga.  he is from the Congo.  He is really awesome.  I am super excited to work with him.  Right now he is a zone leader with Elder Garza (who came with me if you remember) and has about 1 year on his mission. 

to answer grandmas question usually its not hard to find gas.  the trucks we drive take diesel but there is a lot of times the gas stations are out of gas.  but we drive a lot.  a lot a lot.  i'm not sure how much a week but its quite a lot.  i bet we drive more than anyone else including the couples and president.
So we went to Togo on Wednesday because on Thursday we went to Kpalime with president and the couples Christensen and Stagg. Kkpalime is where we went to the waterfalls before.  it was fun.  then Friday we had the training meeting and then we  came back for the baptism.  this week there is a big transfer.  we have 11 new missionaries coming in and we have a lot that are changing around so we are really busy starting tomorrow moving everyone and going to Togo and back.  lots of time on the road. 

Narcisse and Ospice

As far as Narcisse goes I have some pictures but my camera is out in the car.  I will try and send some today but I'm not sure when.  We have a meeting with all those that are going to start training tonight at 6 so we are here in the Bureau till then.  I hope i can find another spare moment to send some pictures.  but it went really well.  he is Ospice’s friend.  previously i was spelling his name Hospice but there is no H. Anyways he is really strong.  he has progressed a lot.  I'm really happy with him.  it was Ospice that baptized him. 
Elder Kognani, Narcisse, Ospice, Elder Rybin

Well so forget all i said about sending pictures later.  the butterfly things were in a gift shop at a blind kid school in kpalime.  narcisse is the taller darker one.

enjoy family!  i love you all!
Elder Rybin

9/8/2014 - quick message, busy again!

Soooooo...... I'm really sorry because we have a family home evening in 15 minutes and we are without any traffic 15 minutes away, and malhereusement [unfortunately], traffic has already started.  BUT i'll at least write you a quick message.  so this week was great.  Elder Curtis is inspiring.  he taught us about obedience with love and motivation but also with a little bit of .... rigueur [strictness?]. it was really awesome.  i loved the stories he shared from his personal life about repentance. they taught me a lot.  i wish we could have stayed more time with him.

we played soccer this morning.  it rained a little and was pretty fun. soccer has grown on me. i'm surprised that i just wrote that.  but it is true.  i've changed a lot.  good things i hope.  

Well i love you all!  Got to go
Elder Rybin

ps i just read the first line of this letter.  what pitiful emails that start with "i'm really sorry because"..... so..... here's a lame ps sorry.... 

9/1/2014 - Busy is way better than doing nothing

Wow, I am so sorry but we have to run to Togo right now.  Actually we have to leave in a few minutes.  Elder Curtis from the Seventy is coming this week to tour the mission and life has been crazy!  But I’m fine loving life.  Busy is waaaay better than doing nothing.  We have to run to the border to get someone though right now.  Maybe tonight i will have more time to write because we are eating in the bureau.  so I love you all!  hope you have a great week.  good luck with all the school and homework and all that.  thanks for all your letters.  i read them all. and like them all thanks.  

Elder Rybin