6/9/2014 - transfer chauffeur, trips to Togo, crazy rain

             Surprise!  Early bird gets the worm!  we have a jam packed week and we are heading out to togo in just a couple of minutes and we were in the bureau [office] so we decided to take a couple minutes to write for the week.  i don't have that much time so this letter will probably be a short one... but it is one, so be happy! 

            because of a transfer we have this week as well as a leadership council in togo we are going to have to make two trips to togo. we are leaving for the first one in just a couple of minutes.  we are getting back on wednesday and then again on thursday we are leaving for togo with some missionaries and getting back friday then on saturday we are spending the whole day doing to transfers here in benin.  i don't really know how benjamin did transfers but here because public transportation is so limited and flaky and because the mission is not that big, we don't do a meet up and swap kind of deal but it is our lovely job as well as the couple of the bureau elders [office elders]  to get the thing done.  we had a pretty intense planning session yesterday to get the week all straightened out and it looks like we are going to have three rendezvous this week.... but there is some good news.  i found some music on this computer from other elders and i burned us two discs to take us through the week!  so all is well.  

           as far as this week past went, we had our leadership council for benin on tuesday.  the last one for president here.  i can’t believe he is leaving so soon!  i'm excited and scared all at the same time.  it is going to be a wild ride but i think we are ready.  or more like ready or not here he comes.  anyways.  we had some good rendezvous [teaching appointments] despite the errands we had to run this week.  L'elu is going to get baptized this coming sunday.  he is awesome.  we have also had rain almost every day of this week.  remember i think it was two weeks ago when i said that the rain here in benin was more than last year but not really crazy?  well i take that back.  it’s getting kind of crazy.  and as far as the word on the block goes, it’s only going to get worse until mid july.  they said its like that.  they say that the first two weeks of july it rains everyday and then around the 15th boom it’s done and doesn't come back.  kinda weird.  we’ll see how it goes.  

            well that's all i've got for this week.  hope y'all have a great one!  camping, swimming, summering and all that goodness.  soak it up!  

love you all!
elder Rybin