6/23/2014 - Changes in the mission coming, world cup thoughts from Africa

Dearest Family!

This week has flown by! Wow i don’t even remember what happened.  i just went back through my agenda and made a couple of notes of things that happened.  first the world cup!  its been kind of fun to talk with people about the games.  USA  is holding their own a little.  we have a big game against germany in a couple of days but unless we lose by a lot we should go out of the pool into the 16 bracket.  i’m pretty pumped about it.  the work hasn’t been that bad with it. its a huge deal here.  its the only sport anyone really cares about.  all the ghanians in the mission were devastated when we won the first game.  

other random news:  elder ritchie is still with us.  it looks like he is going to be staying until the end of his mission in just three or four weeks. because of the number of missionaries and everything its actually the best thing.
the big change with president is for next week - a week from tomorrow.  this week is presidents last full week here.  also he doesn’t really have any time with the new president.  president morin gets here at 8:30 ish tuesday night and president leaves here at 9:30 tuesday night.  so the best they can hope for is to shake hands in the airport.  other than that, he all alone!  haha its going to be a ride.  actually we did our last interviews with president on tuesday this last week.  like i‘ve said, i really don’t know how to feel about all this still.

next random news.  president told me that unless there is something else that comes up. my return date is set for the 2nd of December.  its the same for Elder Hales, Potter and Garza but elder merrit and elder baker are a little earlier because elder merrit has a military report date.  i think it is a tuesday so i‘ll be back depending on the flight sometime on wednesday the 3rd.  pretty weird huh?  what do you think?

and that’s just about it for this weeks letter.  :)  i love you all.  I’m glad to hear you had a great time at girls camp and that nathan realized that he doesn’t know how to cook and would die without mom.  dad keep up the good work.  i love you!

Elder Rybin