1/27/2014 - Life is good in Anfamé

This week was great.  elder ravelojaona and I work well together; he is from antananarivo,  or something like that,  the capital of madagascar. he loves to joke around and never forgets to invite people at the end of lessons to do stuff.  he is a great companion.  i'll be able to learn a lot from him. 

on february 8th we'll have a few baptisms so we'll have our own little party.  Djimdo and his family - he has 8 kids, but three at home with baptism age.  and then junior, one of our other amis [investigators], who a good friend of a member that gave us his contact.  junior is really awesome too.  he's already been to church twice and is always happy.  he accepts the gospel really easily.  so that'll be 6 if i can still count.  should be another great day. 
this week we are going to get a visit from elder clayton of the presidency of the seventy on thursday afternoon.  we should be able to talk with him for about 3 hours, i think, with all the missionaries in Togo.  he asked us to read a couple of talks by Elder Bednar to prepare -- ask in faith, converted unto the lord and seek learning by faith.  i've loved studying them again and i'm excited to learn.  also elder vinson should be coming at the end of february. two seventies in two months wow.

i think this week makes 6 weeks in Anfamé now.  it feels like i've already been here for an eternity because of all that has happened,  but i still have come to love so quickly the people here.  I don't want to leave and probably won't because elder Ravelojaona is going home relatively soon.  but you know you just never know.  can't get comfortable.

sounds like life back home is just the same, kind of. lots going on.  dad super busy at school. nathan being nathan,  emma being emma and benjamin well yeah that's changed a lot. Thanks for all your letters and stories like always.  have a great week. 

love you all sauf [except] .... nah just kidding