1/20/2014 - Nine Baptisms, Elder Dagrou transferred

hey family!  

how are you all.  just before i forget . . . right after i finished my letter last week the power cut in the cyber and we couldn't do anything so if you ever don't get a letter for a week don't freak out ¾ just africa.  

this week was amazing, again.  9 baptisms on saturday!!! woohoo!! i gave my camera to someone to take some pictures and he took videos.... elder stagg took some pictures though and i gave him your email so he'll probably send that to you.  we had 19 baptisms at the kegue building.  i think it's a record.  12 from anfame.  which means we had 12 confirmations on sunday during sacrament meeting.  yes.

We baptized a family:   fofo - the father,  damienne - the mother,  gabine, juliette and julienne -  three daughters at home with age of baptism.  they are amazing!  fofo has 10 kids total, 9 girls. there are three other daughters at home - edoh, delali and fabricia.  

also there was amivi, a lady that we've been teaching with helene, who was another that was baptized.  helene moved into a member family; her uncle and amivi are neighbors.  

then 8 and 9 are two kids that have been coming to church for months now ¾ pascaline and emmanuel are sister and brother.  

on top of that we just fixed the dates for djimdo and his family for the 8th february. another family!  this is all the miracles i was talking about;  djimdo is the best!  he's pretty much bald with a little white goatee that i'm pretty sure the key to his source of knowledge and power. kinda like samson.  his wife doesn't like it that much though.... but we've convinced her that he'll keep it until the baptism so we can get his picture in white with the barbe [beard].  he's super smart.  he's friends with fofo too.  his name is cool too.  djimdo means i am unbreakable kind of;  they explained it that it's like after everyone else cracks he doesn't.  that he is stronger that anything.  it's the barbe. 

sad news though.  mutations [transfers].... elder dagrou is heading over to benin tomorrow.  im going to work with a malagash.  elder Ravelojoana.  i don't really know him that well i've just seen him a couple of times.  but he goes home with elder Ouonnebo in april i think.  i'm sad to see elder dagrou go.  he'll finish his mission in benin though most likely.  mutations.... well i love you all.  have a great day off school.  thank you all for your letters and stories.

Elder Rybin