2/3/2014 - Blessed to be among believing, loving and accepting people!

happy wedding aniversary my parents!  you guys are ancient!  hope its a good day.
this week is the week of the big wedding......... yeah well were going to have our own little fete here to ourselves.  we have 6 more baptisms this saturday! djimdo and his family and junior.  in the wording of my good friend elder kognani "on va les noyer" :) thats iviorien french for ya haha.  djimdo is absolutely amazing. and his family too.  i'll take some pictures for you and send them next week.  

this week has gone by fast.  the meeting with Elder Clayton was great.  what i liked the most was how a lot of them mentioned how blessed we were to be serving in an area where the people are so believing and loving and accepting.  sometimes being here for so long it's easy to forget how amazing these people are.  just like i was never really that grateful for carpet because i had it all the time or i never really worried about the power getting cut.  i couldn't trade this mission for anything. Elder Vinson is coming again at the end of february to do a leadership council and zone council which should be awesome too. 

Elder Rav [his companion] is such a joker its awesome he keeps me laughing all the time.  he's really good at keeping a straight face too but me... not so much.  I almost lost it this week in a lesson with a convert.  haha its good though we work great together.  

this week we have zone conference and zone leader council or i think they call it mission leadership council now or something like that.  anyways should be a great week.  it'll go by really fast too. i am teaching in zone conference so we'll see how that goes.  

i can't believe it's already february.  we have tons going on this week which is going to make february go by so fast. mom that story about your french friend sounds really awesome.  i hope it turns out! i got a letter this week from the ward sent december 10th.  I'm not really sure who sent it,  i think it was the hafen's but yeah i got it.  i still haven't got the wedding invite.  have fun at that this week!

i think that's all i have for this week i love you all.  have a great week!

Elder Rybin