1/6/2014 - New year's, Voodoo Market

oh my favoritest family.  

it's weird to me that Caden [Taylor] is already home from his mission.  i remember it just like yesterday saying goodbye to him.  time is flying by.  i can't believe is 2014 already.  wow.  new years' here was pretty big.  all the missionaries came in at dark.  we ate tons of food on the first.  we had foufou and goat in the morning and rice and ginkumin pate at night. it was delicious.  we have eaten at so many members this week its ridiculous. 

school is starting tomorrow huh.  it's going to feel like just tomorrow and you will be finishing school.  I remember writing in my journal at my 6 month mark that the next 6 months are going to feel like just a couple of days if i work hard.  and it's true.  they have flown by and time just keeps picking up the pace.


This week, the biggest news was that today we went to the voodoo market that i talked about. don't freak out it was safe.  it's a tourist place.  we saw a whole bunch of other yovos, [white people] and even talked with a couple of americans.  there was tons of crazy stuff.  lots of bones and dead stuff.  lots of charms and stuff to heal you.  the guy giving us a tour said that people can come and see the priest head voodoo guy and he'll prescribe a remedy and they'll go out and buy: one dried chameleon, two bats, a chunk of hippo lip, and a small monkey skull and then they grind it all up and make a potion or smoke and heal you.  yeah pretty crazy huh.  the healer guy gave us his card so we can get in for free if we want to go again.  i bought a porcupine quill, and a cobra spine necklace.  it's pretty awesome.  he asked me for 16 moneys at first.  took some tough haggling but i worked him down to a reasonable price. 3 bucks.  i pretty proud of myself.  it took some time, and i had to use pretty much all the tricks in the book, but i got the price i wanted. :)  haha.

Well i think that is all for this week.  I love you family.  have a great week at school.  


Elder Rybin