12/30/2013 - Pictures of primary party, apartment, streets

hey family

it was good to talk to you on Christmas.  can you believe that i only have one more time to call home?  crazy.  

this week was hard with Christmas.  so many people were busy.  Christmas,  our rendezvous [appointments] all fell through so we visited lots of members.  this week again it's going to be the same kind of thing.  new years here is bigger than Christmas.  it's probably the biggest holiday of the year.  kind of weird huh.  presidents having us all come in at dark tomorrow.  2014 is here! wow.  

the areas in my zone are be-kpota, ablogame, souza-netimé, baguida, and anfame.  anfame is a big quartier [area] but small at the same time.  meaning you say anfame in general to mean all of those bigger places.  but really anfame is only elder faerber and elder yamapia's secteur and those are the two other elders in our apartment.  our area covers the smaller quartiers [neighborhoods] of kpota-colas, adakpamé, atteigouvi and i think some others.  that's kind of how they've just divided up the city based on random things in the area sometimes and everyone just knows that's where you are.  if you tell someone anfame he'll say where and you can say anfame anfame or bekpota or adakpame and then he'll ask where again sometimes and you can say by the big tree or the school or the church etc.  it works.  

here are some pictures of the primary party at the church we had.  
all the primary children dancing to "alo le dji" one of the most popular togolais songs.
this is Rosa
a super cute little girl that i forgot her name. 

Henry (a little turd...)
the street out front from the roof.  
if you look closely at the street picture you can see the lady with the baby on her back.  that is how everyone carries their babies around. pretty convenient.  


Our banana tree in the back yard

               our living room

there are some panoramic pics of the rooftop.  you should be able to orient yourself with the street and stuff but one i took in front of the big black water tank and the other in front of the door.  

all in all you should be able to get a 360 degree view of the top of the roof.  lots of trees huh.

well those are some pics of the apartment.  

oh today's elder dagrou's birthday.  he's 24 today.  we didn't really do anything special today though.
i think that's all for this week.  have a week with new years and all.  love you all!
Elder Rybin