12/23/2013 - Kidding with Mom about Christmas call plans, Good Week

i believe it would be most logical to proceed directly with a code plan A with a minor change of ETA.  mom i can tell you are so worried about this call.  I love you.  just a couple of days.... :)  but yeah like i was saying i'm going to try and get to the cyber (not a library.  did i never tell you that we don't really have libraries.  well yeah)  anyways cyber at 19h meaning 7 o'clock here in togo and i believe noon chez vous [at home].  so its a little early i know to carry out plan a of our mission "elderrybin2home" but that's the best i could do for skype. but i still would like to talk with crystal and ryan and the munchkins and..... erica.  haha should be fun. 

as far as "contingency plans"  and precautions; i'll do my best to be there on time with a full battery and lots of great stories and if i can't get a hold of you by 7:18:54pm proceed with back up plan: call me on the cell phone and see if all is well but i just went all the way to the green appeler [Skpye call] button so should work fine.  i feel like we just planned a secret mission.  i almost just erased that sentence telling myself: "elder rybin you've been on a mission way too long. your jokes are not even close to par" but i kept it so enjoy :)

this week was pretty normal.  i don't really remember much of what happened.  not too much exciting.  we are trying to build up a good pool of amis [investigators] because we are much in the besoin [need] so we are visiting a lot of members and getting some contacts talking to people and all that jazz.  we have a couple of families that should be looking to get baptized in the next month or two if all goes well, which should be super awesome.  i'm really excited about it.  i'm starting to get to know all the members and amis and the secteur [area] now which is good.  for some reason it already feels like i've been here in anfame for awhile already but its only like a week and a half.  time is all warped here, not sure if its africa or the mish or both but time never seems to do or be what you'd think.  i don't have much to say besides merry christmas;  love you all. 

talk to you in a couple of days and yup. 
Elder Rybin