1/13/2014 - Lots of baptisms next Saturday

literally no time today sorry, but it was a fantastic week.  so many miracles!  our secteur [area] has transformed over night.  we have so many amis [investigators] now.  we have 9 baptisms this saturday!!!!!  heck yeah! you heard me right.  a family!  and also another family just did the date so we are going to baptize them the beginning of february.  we have so many families it's unbelievable. i love it!  elder dagrou and i were talking about it and saying that it is an absolute miracle what has happened.  i love it! 

we went to the beach again today and walked around town -- that's why we don't have any time right now.  but thanks for all your letters.  hope you all have a great week.  we are going to be so busy this week but i like it like that. 

ahh I bought a couple of ties today for 60 cents each! yes!  i've become a haggling master!  i'm in a great mood.  

Love you all!! 
Elder Rybin