8/4/2014 - Stuck in Togo, bailing missionaries out of jail

Hey family!  

We had a pretty crazy week this last week.  It was tiring but good.  We spent from Wednesday to today over in Togo.  We were going to go back yesterday but Elder Christensen got malaria and couldn't drive back. Elder and Sister Christensen are the couple we have in the Bureau here.  President doesn’t drive manual cars and has a torn meniscus so he doesn’t drive unless it’s automatic, but..... all our cars are stick.  So we are in the process of selling the old car to buy an automatic version but in the mean time, Elder Christensen and I are the chauffeurs. Usually going to Togo we take our truck and Elder Christensen drives his truck or president’s car.  
Getting back today we tried to go by the house but the others were at an activity and we didn’t have our keys so we came directly to the office.  So I’m exhausted.

Mom you are probably wondering why we are writing to late.  its around 7 o’clock here in Benin.  You are probably freaking out haha. But all is well.  we had a bit of a situation and had to go bail some elders out of jail in the market.  We took a lawyer guy who is a member of the church and he worked it all out.  Nothing serious at all so don’t worry.  And they didn’t do anything wrong either.  But it took a little bit of time.  missionaries.....

For this week coming up we are not slowing down one bit.  We have a training meeting tomorrow morning and have to take someone to drop some marriage papers off north of Calavi and then Wednesday we are taking the new missionaries who are getting here tomorrow out to Togo.  We come back from Togo on Thursday.  Friday morning is our leadership council.  And Saturday for the moment we are free.  Cross your fingers.  We will have a little bit of time to see a few people during the week which will be nice.  We are available most of the afternoons, like I said, for the moment.  

We are already in August.  Just last week you said that summer started and now you are starting to mention school again.  Time is flying by.
I just ate some chili that the couple gave me.  Wow. The couple is so nice to us.  We probably wouldn’t be alive if they didn’t feed us.  

I love you all!  Happy birthday to all those birthdays!
Have a great week!
Elder Rybin