8/25/2014 - Right place at the right time

Monday, August 25, 2014 10:28 AM

Hey Family!
Its been a wild week.  the food is actually spelled igname.  its yams but they are different from the yams from back home.  just type in something like igname african fufu in google and that should get you something. 

it has been an exhausting week because of the trip to togo.  We just came back today. there were some weird situations with missionaries and so we had to stay an extra day and work some things out.  but all is well.  we don’t have a lot of time today either.  I’m sorry our p-days have been all eaten lately.  did you know there is a word in french "bouffer" now that i say it, it could be the origin of buffets the restaurants where you eat all you want.  basically bouffer means the same thing as manger [to eat].  just a fun word to say.  anyways i say all this just because the first thing that came to my mind was that our p days have been all bouffed lately.  little franglais for ya.  anyways, this week we have 5 missionaries leaving including elder diallo who is in our apartment.  we are getting elder amoah to replace him.  elder amoah is from ghana.  i really like him. it’s going to be great to have him in the apartment.

this last week elder kognani and I had a little bit of time where it turns out we didn't need to be somewhere so we went to visit some converts.  we had a couple of those just in the right place at the right time kind of moments.  do you remember aime?  the kid that got baptized really quick because he had a dream about the book of mormon?  in attiegou?  anyways he had moved to tokoin and with his sister and his sister was kind of keeping him from going to church and he just kind of slipped through the cracks in the transition.  i found this out and was working on finding him again.  when we just ran into him in attiegou.  he was like i was planning on leaving awhile ago but i don't know why i just didn't.  i was like, i do.  God wants you to come back to church.  it was really cool.  similar things happened once or twice more that same day.  

well sorry for the strange letters i know that i don't get it all in there but i try to share at least something that happened in the week.  I love you all!
Elder Rybin