2/17/2014 - shoe stories, teaching Koffi, Fifi, Blandine, and Zita

salvation family!
this week has gone by and i don't even know what really happened?  I'm trying to think back on what we did, who we taught and all that, but I'm struggling.

in the meantime.  my shoes are fine-ish.  i've been wearing only one pair of shoes for a while now.  I figured that i would rather have one pair totally trashed and a nice pair than two half trashed pairs of shoes.  africa is just talking its toll on them.  maybe I'll send a pic. next week.  and my sandals......; i guess i forgot to mention that...... but they got jacked in attiegou.  some guy came up and stopped us and told me to give him my sandals so there wasn't much i could do.... no i'm just kidding.  but yeah they did get stolen in  attiegou.  i think it was our gardeners crew that he brought in to clean up the yard one day because they were outside and after that I couldn't find them..... anyways yeah i was depressed for a long time.  I'll probably maybe buy some more here.  they won't be the same though.... i dont know.  they were amazing though. tear.

anyways sounds like emma is become quite the little basketball player huh? that's fun.  february is flying by.  i can't believe that ryan draper is already home.  spring is coming already?

i heard about the olympics just a little bit.  i had no idea that they were even going on!  well give me some updates at least on the metal count and the cool stories.  also i heard that the world cup is coming up in a couple months.  that I'm sure i can hear everything about, haha,  but if you could send me a bracket for the world cup i'd like that.  that'll keep me in the loop. 

we had koffi come to church yesterday.  I don't know if I've told you about him but he's a super old voodoo papa that were teaching.  he reads the book of mormon like crazy its awesome.  he's already in mosiah.  he loves it.  he's got some big problems but he's progressing.  the other day he told us he stopped drinking.  we hadn't even talked about the word of wisdom yet but he saw it in the guide des ecritures [scripture guide] and stopped.  he's awesome. 

this saturday if all goes well we should have three more baptisms.  fifi, blandine and zita.  they are the aunt and two cousins of a member. they have been coming to church off and on for a while and we've started to teach them and they are getting baptized saturday.

i think i shared this scripture with benjamin déjà [already] but in luc 21 19 [Luke 21:19] it says in french "par votre persévérance vous sauverez vos ames" [mom's literal translation might be: by your perseverance you will save your souls]  i didn’t know what it said in english until just the other day and it says "in your patience possess ye your souls".  cool huh? the language barrier in the gospel is always a love hate relationship.  sometimes because things cannot be adequately or eloquently described completely in one language or another.  sometimes i like french sometimes english. sometimes i just have a mix going on in my head.  sometimes i try to pray in english and it jumps in and out of french and i'm glad that god can understand the desires of our hearts because it probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense sometimes.  it is hard to stay in english for a sustained period of time without slipping in french words or starting sentences in french especially when talking about the gospel.

anyways love you all.  have a great week!
Elder Rybin