2/10/2014 - Djimdo & family baptized, plus Junior

hey family!  djimdo and his family got baptized.  it was awesome. junior too.  baptizing families -  it's amazing.  djimdo is awesome.  you see his beard! yes. he bore his testimony at the end of his baptism and it was really powerful.  that's the biggest news from this week.  

among the other good news i brought my shoes to a cobbler.  he fixed them up and shined them.  i am mostly mentioning this because he's a cobbler.  I'm not really sure if there's a word for it but he cobblered my shoes.  first time I've ever done that so yeah.  they are holding up pretty well,  just africa is taking its toll.  

i wanted to send that last mail with the pic before something weird happened.

other news:  another mutation [transfer] came but luckily our companionship dodged it though.  I'm really glad I'm staying.  

ummmm...... trying to think what else happened this last week..... still weird that benjamin is married now.  yeah.  i actually forgot about it until saturday night walking home so it wasn't that bad.  we were all too busy with the baptising djimdo and junior.  but congrats.... i guess.
nathan good work getting a job.  be good to get you off your butt. haha just kidding. what's it like with benjamin outta the house now?  oh yeah and zone conference this last week.  it went really well.  president and sister weed talked about becoming converted.  i talked about following the spirit. sorry its going to be kind of a shortish letter but my brain is stuck.  nothing else is coming.  great week though.  6 more in the books.  and awesome ones too.  i love them all so much;  so have yourselves a great week.  

i love you all.
love Elder Rybin