2/24/2014 - Fifi, Blandine, Ziti are baptized. Elder Potter returns to Togo

Wow the family is always the family.  I'm not really sure what that means but i feel like it adequately sums up the weird sensation i just had. curtis is still a little bandit i guess.  i miss the little turd.  haha nathan's not a senior. i won't believe it.

i saw sister bennion's parents a couple of weeks ago.  sister beninon's dad whose name I forgot went through the usual of how are you, where are you from and when i said AF, he said oh, we have a daughter there and i said, yeah i know the bennions, we talked about this last time haha.  then his wife walked up and said, oh look it's the elder that knows our daughter in AF.  I laughed.

olympics is already over? i heard that togo had one or two people in there haha.  i talked to one guy and he said that togo has one bronze metal in the history of the olympics.  and we didn't qualify for the world cup.  maybe next time.

go ahead and tell everyone else that they're lazy.  no just kidding.  but sounds like life is busy as usual.  today we went to the beach again and played football.  i got a little sunburned but it was fun.

OH i almost forgot the biggest news.  friday morning we got a call from the assistants and elder faerber got transferred saturday.  and guess who came...... Elder Potter! haha its been a fun couple of days.  it brought back a lot of memories from the mtc.  its going to be a great apartment.

about sending things to me - no I am fine.  but if you are going to send something, everyone likes ctr rings here but they can't get ones that are nicer that the little green ones we give to sunbeams so sometimes they have ordered it through their american companions so that's an idea.  if i find someone that would like something like that i'll let you know but for the moment not really.

other fantastic news - fifi, blandine and zita got baptized this saturday!  I'm attempting to attach their picture but it might be weird because the connection is not so great today.  it went great.  they were there sunday even before us, the missionaries.

Thanks so much family.  I love you all.  have a great fin de fevrier [end of February]!

Elder Rybin