10/28/2013 - Birthday plans, Helene Baptism

hey family!  
hows all your weeks been?  mine's been pretty good.  saturday helene got baptized.  martine, the other baptism we had planned for saturday and the mother of helene,  couldn't get baptized because she's not married to her husband that is living in the village for the moment.  she is really awesome though, comes to church every week and wants to get baptized.  marriage here is tough because of the dowry they are required to do and that is super expensive.  we've got more than a couple people we teach all with this same problem.  it's tough because there is not much we can do, but have faith.  with martine though i'm not super worried because she's got a testimony already strong.
it doesn't feel like winter time is coming already because everything here is all the same.  but enjoy the cold weather all the same.  you'll have to send me some pictures of the first snows.

speaking of time feeling like its' not passing, i guess I'm turning 20 this week.  friday if i've calculated correctly and that makes thursday halloween.  so far i've got some plans in the making but nothing solidified yet.  there is a pretty nice-ish restaurant that supposedly serves crocodile and gazelle if they have it that i've thought about visiting, but it sounds like is rare to find them with those there, but we could try.  

also there is going to be this big market thing where people come from all over, lots of countries even, to sell the stuff for the whole year.  i think its called "le froie" but i'm not sure if that's how you spell it.  "la foi" is faith "le foie" is liver and "froid" is cold but it's something like that.  it's supposed to last about a month and artisan people come sell their cool african stuff.  my hope is that i can find a super cool hand made african chess set.  that will be my present to my self for birthday/christmas.  i'm not sure though,  we'll see.  

those are the two biggest plans for the next little while.  also since you haven't sent the package yet add a big bottle of cinnamon to the spices please.  if you send it this week it should get here before christmas, but there's always those stragglers.  i haven't got a whole lot of time today so sorry for the short letter, but all goes well here is attiegou.  i forgot my camera to the baptism so i'll have to get the picture next week from elder kongolo so sorry about that.  

i love you all!  have a great week!
Elder Rybin