10/21/2013 - Elder Kongolo arrives

hello again family!!
            well well well.  thanks for all the letters and pictures.  i read them all just to let you know.  and if you ask a question, i usually think about answering and then run out of time.  so sorry if i turn into benjamin who never answered our questions.... :) 

            but.... yep lots of changes this week.  elder kongolo is 26, from kinshasa (the capital) and he's been a member pretty much his whole life.  his whole family are members and he's the second missionary to go out in his family of 11 kids i think.  wow! africans are like utahns, lots of kids... he's great though.  reminds me of my first little while when i got here especially with elder sagers the new american [one of the 4 in the apartment].  haha.  elder sagers is from kaysville utah.  graduated 2013, and is 18.  the ghana mtc just started doing a french language program, before it was just english, so he went to ghana for 6 weeks.  they're both great though. 

            africans spend 10-12 days in the mtc, so basically nothing with all the other stuff they need to get sorted out so training is a little different than i thought, but its good so far.  greenie fire, yes.  funny stories, yes kinda.  i just get a lot of weird questions.  for example. the first night elder kongolo took some pill for something probably doxy.  he came up as he was drinking and asked, "it's not good to take medicine with cold water right?  i've got to drink warm water."  elder kognani walks by and says you can drink whatever water just take your pill.  haha.  also today we were cleaning, and he asks, can i put my beans on the stove and then clean so they'll be done when i'm done? ..... i was like yep, yep, you can cook your beans whenever you want.  haha its good though, we're going to work well together.  he's a great companion. 

            i've had a cold the last couple of days (yep did'nt think those existed did ya).  well they do but it's a weird sensation, being so hot but stuffed up and with cold symptoms.  that's why elder hales calls them "less hots".  so i've just been exhausted coming home at night.  its great though because we're working hard.  really hard.  we're going to find a lot of new investigators this week.
            a new couple comes in december i think i heard, probably the one that the oldhams know.  we got another new couple just about a month ago from nevada the christensens, who knew president and sister weed from before.  but our two couples in benin go home in may ish next year, so we'll have 4 missionary couples  for a few months.  after that who knows maybe only two.  
            package stuff:  i usually have some little candy i buy here to give to kids so i think i'm set for that.  kids here are just happy.  the next time you're miserable, think about kids here.  there just happy!  they play with everything, and i mean everything.  they make toys and games out of everything.  soccer with a balled up sock or piece of garbage, dragging a can full of rocks with a string, marbles (they are actually pretty intense with their marbles.  it's awesome :)  and just everything.  so sorry off topic but the candy i get here will work.  candy surprises:  double stuffed oreos,  and yeah pulling a blank on anything else. it's been to long since i've thought about real candy.  and yep i think that'll do.

thanks family!  have a great week in school again.  i love you all!!
Elder Rybin