11/4/2013 - Darius, Pres. Eyring's "This Day" talk

Hey family,
this week has flown by so fast.  i still feel the same, but i'm 20 now.... weird. friday we didn't really do anything special, but we went to the big market today.  we are still trying to work out our other plans.  i didn't see a chess set but i got a little ebony elephant and a togo country thing.  haggling..... its kinda fun sometimes but also annoying and takes forever, but i'm getting pretty good at it. :) 

i've been lazy these last few weeks and haven't taken any pictures, but i will soon.  I don't have a  lot of time this week so it's going to be a short letter.  we spent too much time at the market. 

but one cool story:  we met this guy Darius at church the week before yesterday, and fixed a rendezvous [appointment] with him.  when we came we asked him who it was who first talked with him about the church and he said, nobody. a couple of weeks ago his sister (not a member) told him that she had some kind of revelation that he needed to go to church again because he stopped going to catholic awhile ago.  she said to find her church in the area.  so he searched all over for this other church, and guess where he ended up?  yep at our church, and he was like, well it's a church, i'll go check it out.  yesterday was his third time back!  we've only had one rendezvous with him.  but after he told us that, we talked a little, and invited him to baptism, he said he's going to read the book of mormon, pray, keep coming and if he sees changes, gets his answer, and basically continues what he's seen, then he said, yeah, why not?  awesome!! unfortunately he's gone all week so it's only the weekend when we can see him but I'm really excited to see how he progresses. 

miracles are real!  people are prepared all around us to receive the gospel, that includes you guys too.  i read a talk by president eyring called "this day" [http://www.lds.org/ensign/2007/05/this-day] and loved what he said about service.  if you serve today, no matter how hard your trials are, tomorrow will be better than today.  service is so amazing, transforming. 

i love it.  i love you all!  have a great week!
Elder Rybin