10/14/2013 - busy covering two areas, waiting for new companion

            how are you all?  fall break already?  does that mean that fall semester is half way over, or almost?  i can;t remember exactly.  thanks for all your letters.  I love hearing the stories about the family and trina, curtis and heather.  i want to see some pictures of their new house!  but sounds like life is going just like it was when i left.

            this last week or since the others left it has been tough because we, [Elder Kognani and I] are covering both areas, we are busy and walk  a lot.  but it's good; we're keeping busy. i do kind of feel older but not too old in the mission, because an elder just came over from benin, and he's been out for a while but i've been out longer.  i'm starting to meet people that are younger than me, kind of weird.  it's also weird how you meet people here because we are split into two countries.  i hear about some missionaries, that i've never met, they hear about us, but sometimes we don't meet for a long time.  a little crazy but keeps things interesting.

            life is good though. we set two more baptism dates for the 26th.  awesome!  i set a goal at the beginning of the month for three baptisms.  we had one in the bag with aime, but the other two - i could see a couple long time investigators we have that could be baptized, but are working through some things, but really i wasn't sure at all where two more baptisms would come from, but i said, if i have faith, its possible.  and boom bang.  miracles.  two new investigators that are going to be baptized the end of the month.  faith is amazing!
            pictures this week are a tree at an ami's [investigator's] house.  there are HUGE leaves.  i don't know if you can tell, i tried to get my hand in there, but there are like as big as my torso!  and this spiky green nut fruit thing.  tastes kind of like a peanut on the inside.  but they didn't know the name of the tree.  do you know in english?  its some kind of nut.
            I think that is all for this week.  next week I'll let you know how it is with elder kongolo, but i'm pretty sure were going to make attiegou explode!  i'm ready and i sure hope he is too. i hope his greenie fire is not off yet because i'm ready to go!

love you all!!
Elder Rybin