10/7/13 - Aime's dream and baptism, transfers soon

My dearest family,
Another week come and gone, and some big news.  We heard about the transfer on saturday night.  I don't know everything, but here is what i know.  Elder Rakats and Ndaye are leaving wednesday, all the new missionaries come in the next wednesday, the 16th.  Elder Hales [Elder Rybin's MTC companion] is going to Benin.  Elder Potter and Elder Garza are both training (two the other two elders from my generation in togo).  Elder Hales is not training.  Elder Kognani [he is another missionary in Elder Rybin's apartment] is training a new american, and I'm training a new congolais. I think his name is Elder Kongolo.  So like i said big changes.  After the mutation [transfer], I will be the oldest (or first to go home) elder in the apartment, and also the elder who has spent the most time in the zone (I was tied with elder hales).  I'm most likely going to stay here until january or february.  its a pretty huge mutation so we'll see how it goes. 

Also before i forget, Curtis HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! your going to be 6!  i don't believe it!  i can't, i won't.  sheesh your getting so old!  castle with the dragon, good choice, can't go wrong with dragons. 

Prince the son of Mathias and Engonam, is so funny.  he reminds me of curtis.  when we go over there he loves to look through a gospel art book, that i have.  the other day, he finishes to look through it and then stands up and walks into the house with my book and comes out without it just like nothing had happened and starts doing something else.  Engonam asks him,  "Prince where's the book?"  and he says something like oh, i'm going to keep it so i put it in the house.  haha.  he asks me every time for it. 

Elder Rybin, Aime, Elder Ndaye
other great news.  aime got baptized this saturday!  yep, i think i mentioned him last week and said that he was great.  on monday last week we had a rendez-vous with him, and talked about the book of mormon.  before we could even invite him to read, he said, ok i'm going to read, i've got to know if its true for me. so we told him to read moroni chapter 10.  tuesday night we came back and asked him how it went and this is what he said: "yep i read, the whole chapter, and really concentrated on it, on reading.  after i finished, i prayed and asked god if it was true, and then waited for an answer.  but i didn't feel anything.  so i waited 10 minutes and prayed again, again nothing.  10 more minutes, third try, nothing.  so i waited a few more minutes and prayed for one last time before going to bed.  and i said 'god if you want me to follow you, show me the truth'.  nothing.  so i went to bed.  shortly after falling asleep i had a dream (short elder rybin insert/comment africans love their dreams, like haitians, and so when he said that i knew it was getting good!) and in my dream i was going to school.  on the way i met a man.  he was a missionary.  he asked me if i knew who jesus christ was, and i said, that i have heard about him but i don't really know him.  so he gave me a book.  it was the book of mormon, but when i looked at the title it didn't say the book of mormon it said "le chemin de la vérité" or "the way of truth".  and then i woke up. "
he said that right after he woke up he prayed and thanked god for his answer, and in the morning when he woke up he prayed again thanking Him for the answer.  and he said he's just been so happy all day. 

is that awesome or what!  he's going to be such a strong member.  i think he'll probably go on a mission some day too.  wow.  it doesnt get better than that.  so awesome.  i was on top of the world walking home that night.  everyone else that wasn't progressing or wasn't getting answers, or even listening, didn't matter, because one by one (like always) God is calling and choosing his elect.  What a huge blessing to be a part of it! 

a gecko i caught in our bathroom saturday ...
i'm sad i missed general conference.  hopefully we'll get a better change to listen to it this time or get the liahona sooner, but ca va aller [it will be ok]. 

love you all, have a great week!
Elder Rybin