July 29, 2013 - Togo election, Marie's mom, 12 missionaries in branch

Hey family!
sheesh this week went by just as fast as last week.  crazy!  i think this week is 5 months in africa.  wow time is flying by.  this week Togo had a voting day for some deputy on thursday and so the missionaries couldn't go out because they were afraid of some "manifestations." nothing happened but we were just bored all day in the apartment.  staying home is rough. there is absolutely nothing to do.  nothing, but the week was good. 

no baptisms yesterday which was a bummer. marie's mom fell like i said and she's in the hospital, not doing so great. she needs surgery but it's expensive.  we went to visit her last monday night.  hospitals here are pretty sketchy, and unlike the back home if they can't find the money somewhere they won't do the surgery they'll just leave her... BUT we stopped by again sunday morning and caught her at home (she spends a lot of time at the hospital with her mom) and talked a little about faith and how satan tries to give us doubts to destroy our faith, and we talked about peter walking on water and lehi's tree of life and how those stories could apply to her life, and talked about doing all the little stuff still and not paying attention to the waves and tempest around us just focus on the Savior, the reason we jumped out of the boat in the first place).  AND she came to church later that day even though she really wanted to go to the hospital, she went right after.  yes! the words more powerful effect than the sword triumph!

i talked to a guy this week who said he'd live forever.  he also said that president monson came to Togo after the mission president called him and told him that he should get baptized and then he gave him his cell phone number but he threw it away.  he just went off about all this other stuff.  i just busted up laughing, and couldn't stop.  and he didn't even break a sweat just kept on going, it was great. 

when is crystal and ryan's new house going to be finished?  school is going to start already?  I thought you just told me a few weeks ago that summer was starting? sounds like trina's baptism went well.  i'm sad that i had to miss it... but that's alright.
yes i teach english every saturday.  i started the class when i was still in hedzranawoe, and then just moved days when i moved to attiegou.  it goes pretty good.  my english is getting worse and worse though.  takes me a little bit to warm up to english when i talk with the other missionaries when i see them.

yes the only sisters are in our branch in kegue.  kegue is another area with two apartments, well technically its kegue and kelegougan but its all the same thing and not and yes... we just call them both kegue cause its shorter. so there is 12 missionaries in our branch crazy huh because kegue is only a group for now and the sisters are new in togo.  so our branch is pretty big, relatively. so kegue has 8 missionaries if you didn't figure that out 4 elders and 4 sisters.  and the 4 with us makes 12. math. 

mom! ça c'est quoi? tu m'as envoyé pas meme deux phrases?  continue à parler! il n'y a pas une meilleure manière d'apprendre!  il faut le faire afin que quand je reviens on peux se parler!  il faut trouver quelqu'un avec lequel tu peux pratiquer. [Translation:  Mom! what is that? You only sent me two sentences.  Continue talking! There is not a better way to learn.  You must do it so when I come back we can talk to each other.  You need to find someone to practice with.]

thanks everyone for your letters! love you all! have a great week!

Elder Rybin