August 5, 2013 - random lady shaking hands, investigators

hello hello family. 
another week flown by.  sounds like everything is going great back home.  youth conference sounds like it was fun.  mom bon travail avec le français!

guess what i finished the book of mormon in french this morning!  and i read about 95 percent of it out loud so it took awhile but it's really helped me learn.  next on the list is the bible.  i started the new testament in french this morning too.  it'll be harder but good. 

mom yes id like to go! [hike to Lake Blanche in Big Cottonwood canyon, catch 20 fish in 2 hours?] 

dad sounds like things are going good.  have you ever read elder ballard's book "Our Search for Happiness" in the missionary library?  it's not too long, but maybe Steve and or Grandma in reno would like to read it.  it's a really great book.  benjamin can explain in more detail but could help, just a thought. 

Good news. i don't know if i told you about mathias and enyonam, but they are the super awesome prepared couple we talked about the family with.  they came to church yesterday!  yes!  they are so prepared, it's awesome.  it's not that they don't have questions or that they just accept everything, but they do what we ask and then God has blessed them and helped them to find answers.  I love calling people out when they are feeling the spirit, it's so amazing! we set a date for baptism for the 17th and I hope all goes well!

remember our investigator who thinks he's japanese and knows me from his spirit travels?  yep he's still the same as ever.  this week he told us he is an indian emperor.  he came to church yesterday in this crazy matching slipper hat combo thing. 
also another strange story.  we were walking on this street and this random, kinda oldish lady was just staring at us. (not really that unusual) so i waved and said hi.  then she walked up to us and so i was thinking oh she must be a member or an old ami or something.  so she walked up to us and without saying a single word she takes my hand, kisses it, then shakes elder ndayes hand (no kiss) and then shakes mine one more time, and then just walks off.  not a single word!  we were like uhhh ok bye, then just busted up laughing.

sorry no pictures this week.  next week there should be some.  we have marie, the lady who's mother fell, is getting baptized this saturday.  she is great.  so i should have some for next week.  ummm i think that is all for this week.  shorter letter, sorry. 

have a great week!  love you all!
Elder Rybin