July 22, 2013 - Awesome young investigator couple, D&C 101:16

hello again family. 

this week has flown by so fast!  i'm not even sure what we did because all the days mesh together.  sounds like everyone is doing well back home.  things are going well here. we are finding lots of people, not all of them as prepared as others but we found a young couple yesterday morning that is so awesome.  they asked so many awesome questions. we talked about the family, baptism and prayer a lot.  at the end the wife was like: you know this all sounds good and all but i still have some doubts but i'll pray and we'll see.  i was like, sheesh, i don't think i would believe you if you told me that you didn't have any doubts or questions, but i know that god will answer your questions and give you an answer if you ask, in fact, i said, i think you've already started to receive your  answer.  you felt something when we talked about how much this can bless your family right? and they were like, yeah we did actually; and i was like, yep that's the holy ghost.  it was super awesome! i hope all our lessons can go like that with them. we should have one baptism this saturday.  we were going to have another but she didn't come to church yesterday because her mom was in the hospital, so we had to push it back.  but congrats trina!  ill think of you at 4!  [Note:  Elder Rybin's niece, Trina was baptized on July 27th!]

Elders Kognani, Rybin, Ndaye, Rakats
at our apartment we all eat alone now, and so i can eat pretty much the same if i want just depends on how much energy i have to cook and make food.  i eat oatmeal or eggs in the morning and lots of rice and spaghetti for lunch and dinner and try to mix it up as much as i can with little success.  one elder rakats is from madagascar.  rakats is not his full name cuz all their names are stupidly long so we all just call them by their first few syllables.  his companion is elder kognani from cote divoire, yep.  even before i didn't have much prolonged english speaking with any of my companions, unless we were specifically trying during study or something.  but now usually all french, and just no english in the apartment.  our branch has three secteurs.  we have the sisters sectueurs and then kegue. so there are two other americans in kegue that i see a couple times a week. its good though, my french is improving a lot i feel like. 


 yep we had pizza and root beer for fourth of july. ill send a picture.

other pictures this week are a sunrise that i talked about, the four of us in our apartment (kognani, me, ndaye, rakats) and then a little cute little kid. 

Mom's french question: i was going to say what you figured out.  se rappeler is like recalling or reminding and se souvenir is like remember.  i just asked elder ndaye and he said presque le meme chose, eh oui meme chose.  so yep.  benjamin how much french do you understand.  can you understand speaking or reading out loud or what.  you should write me in creole so i can see what i understand.


Yolande at her baptism
stomach is bloated, but he's still happy and awesome. 
i love the scripture d and c 101: 16 in french "soyez calme et sachez que je suis Dieu".  be still and know that i am god.  ponder on what that means, it's so profound.  especially connected to the statement by joseph smith when he talks about how the first step to have faith is a correct understanding of the nature of god.  i never really understood that quote before but that scripture helps, or it did for me. i'll tell you what i think next week but i'd like to hear what you all came up with.  so that's my challenge for this week.  tell me what joseph smith was talking about, why a correct understanding of the nature of god is the foundation of faith. :)  i love you all! 

passez une bonne semaine!

Elder Rybin