August 12, 2013 - Three baptisms

hello again family! 
sounds like you all had a busy week.  heather is so big!! wow stop it! stop growing. she'll be one of those little minion cakes running around when i get back!  don't do it! what day does school start again?  i feel like you just said a couple of letters ago that school was just ending, wow the summer has gone by so fast.  it's a little weird not having the season changes here to keep me on track with what time of the year it is.  it looks weird all your pictures because when i left it was a frozen wasteland, now it's all green and nice looking.  i still feel like its winter back home sometimes because that's what i left it as, but like heather, i guess things still change even though i'm not there to see them.

sounds like this stake conference things went good too.  just because you're in utah doesn't mean there isn't missionary work to do, or helping to build the kingdom of god.  even if what you do is small in the church or our family and influence is small looking at everyone in the world and everything that needs to be done, but like pres utchdorf said, lift where you stand.  you'd be surprised how much a difference it would make if we all just made the tiniest, tiniest bit more effort to magnify our callings, honor our priesthood, do missionary work, build and strengthen gods kingdom and children. so don't wait for some big opportunity - do it now.  think and pray about it and you'll think of something to do improve or help. :)

elder rybin, mathias, prince, engonam, onivia, elder ndaye. (girl in blue shirt not theirs)
this week surprise!  we had three baptisms!  that's the big news anyways. adele a little girl whose parents aren't married (so they can't get baptized yet), got baptized along with the super awesome couple we found.  i don't know if i told you about them or not.  mathias and engonam.  i feel like i did.  they are so amazing, so prepared.  my camera died but elder ndaye took some pictures that I'll have him send me to forward to you.  we were going to have marie get baptized too, but saturday morning she informed us that her mom was either in surgery to fix her hip or just got out, i'm not sure which but that she couldn't come.  kinda bitter sweet because her mom needed that operation really bad and they had to do it as soon as possible but bummer that she couldn't get baptized this saturday.  she will though. 

hmmm what else happened this week. we were rushing all over trying to get everyone ready for the baptism which was kind of stressful.  it always feels like you're all ready and then you remember all these other little things to do to get ready for the baptism so your running around, talking, calling, setting up.  its good though the baptism went well.

also we had a missionary activity on saturday right after the baptism for everyone where we watched a film of the church and talked about it and had some refreshments, it went well too.  august is already one third over!? what? where is all the time going? well i think that is all for this week.  good luck everyone with school prep and work dad with stock trading keep at it. 

love you all!
Elder Rybin