August 26, 2013 - Be still and know that I am God

hey family.  
school school school.  wow, can you believe it's been a year since i got my call?  nathan is a junior right?  what?  no i don't believe it.  emma is going to turn 9 this year or 8.  i can never get it right, seems like everyone is growing up.  kenzie [miller] in the philipines huh.  wow that's awesome.  i got a letter this week from her from some kid in her primary class at church. tell her good luck for me!  

yeah the rain wasn't a lot.  togo, in general, i hear is one of the drier countries in west africa, but yeah not a lot.   no, i haven't really heard too many people complain or worry about the lack of rain.  

there are three zones in togo and 3 districts in hezdranawoe zone. there would be 4 if we had all elders but the sisters go into the kegue district so they have 8.  i'm not exactly sure about all the others because i've only been here in hedzranawoe zone.  three zones in benin too.  our district is just our apartment so 4 people.  all the districts have district meeting every tuesday morning and we have zone meetings every month and zone conferences every 3 months.  we have a transfer coming up next week because we have a bunch of missionaries leaving soon and some coming in i guess. then again in october a bunch more leaving so more coming in which means big changes coming up for next week and then in october again. a lot of missionaries are going to train.  transfers get complicated and so it's a headache that i'm am very glad to leave in the hands of president.  i just go where he tells me and work and that works for me. :)  

benjamin said that there was a new temple video coming out and so i'm glad to hear that its good.  i really miss the temple, and i'm excited to see it when i get back.  benjamin also said that josh [peterson] just got engaged?! what! sheesh what am i talking about big changes here, josh married?

yesterday we visited some members and i had a couple more of those reality check moments where you realize that some people are going through some really hard times.  their faith is inspiring.  i'm glad for my testimony, and i'm glad for the opportunity i have to share it here because it grows as i do.  it's always that leap of faith moment right after someone tells you about some problems, worries, troubles, etc. and you get to testify.  the bigger the problems the harder it is to tell someone that just living the gospel will solve their problems, but as you take that leap it strengthens your own hope.  some people have told me some things that makes me almost want to ask God sometimes if he's sure that they can take any more because i sure couldn't, but then i think of the scripture i shared with you a couple of weeks ago and with one of these members yesterday - doctrine and covenants 101: 16 "all flesh is in my hands, be still and know that i am god".  i know it's true all of it, god knows us, he knows what's best for us.  

i've asked myself this question multiple times since being here: "what did i do to deserve the life that i have, blessed with my family, home, friends, and most importantly the gospel? what right to i have to have all that?"  i still don't have an answer and likely never will, but i believe in a just God, a merciful God, who sent his son to make it all right.  as elder christopherson said this last conference, the atonement pays justice for the mistakes we make to get mercy. yes, but also it pays us, making up for all the wrong we have suffered because of others or just the unfairnesses of life.

sorry no pictures again this week. i think next week i'll have some.  have a great week!  i love you all.  keep it up accept and reflect the light of christ this week. :) 
Elder Rybin