June 3, 2013 - New church building pictures


another week has flown by.  we are already in june!  where is the time going?  sounds like everyone has some pretty great summer plans.  everyone is taking off in a million different directions.  does benjamin even stay at home anymore? mom sounds like you had a great birthday. i wished you happy birthday on friday from africa i hope you heard. :) 

mama patience didn't get baptized this last week but we are hopeful for the next week or two.  i really love that family a lot and i know it will all work out eventually.  she is awesome though, really starting to see the benefits of the gospel and the changes in her kids and on their family. 

i hear there is watermelon here and i think i've seen some but it's not that great i hear.  i'll have to find some to try. cantaloupe the same.  the fruit in africa that is amazing is AMAZING but the others that are just eh are just eh.  

yeah we do street contacting, and knock "doors" sometimes, but not super often.  it is usually our last resort.  yeah we can just walk into a cour and talk to people, most of the time it's family that lives together.  it's too expensive to move or start your own place most of the time so sometimes they'll just build another little room in their cour for a new family. 

people love to talk about Jesus Christ though, it's really amazing.  we taught a cool lesson last night too.  we taught these guys that were contacts from another secteur,  richard and honoré.  they are really searching for the truth, and want answers.  we didn't have a lot of time, but they were just so hungry to learn and had so many awesome questions.  i told them at the end that i loved their questions and that we have the answers, that they don't need to search anymore because i know this is the truth they've been searching for.  so they are showing a lot of promise i hope all turns out well. 

elder dickson's visit was super awesome.  he and sister dickson are really awesome people.  they live in ghana right now and have for the past 4 years i think and they have lived all over the world serving where the apostles call them.  really they have sacrificed so much, its inspiring. i learned a lot and took some notes in my journal. 

speaking of which i am coming up on the last few pages of my journal and so i still have the two others you sent while i was in the mtc, but if you send one more i think that will be enough to last until the end.  so you can add that to the list.  also a lot of elders get packages and there is a lot of stuff that we can get here pretty simple.  it's kind of weird what you can and can't get and how easily, so send me a list of things you are thinking about sending and i'll tell you yeah nay, thank you :). 

summer there looks great, grass... i never thought i'd miss it like i do.  mowing the lawn is a small price to pay to have some grass.  never thought you'd hear me say that right? i didn't either haha.  don't know what you've got till it's gone.  so true.  it rained a really hard yesterday afternoon.  when it rains, wow, it really rains.  streets are rivers, crazy.  mud too.  lots and lots of mud.  it makes things interesting.  pictures of the church finally. and just a random street where we were walking on the way home from church so enjoy! i think that is all for this week.  


thanks for all your letters and prayers.  have a great week and a great start to summer! 
Love Elder Rybin