May 27, 2013 - rambles and tidbits

hey family! 
wow school is done.  it doesn't feel like a year ago i was graduating high school.  that's pretty weird.  i definitely didn't see myself here right now.  life is pretty good though.  tell logan and dani that i'm sure they'll be awesome missionaries.  this week no baptisms for elder ouonnebo and i but elder hales and gomun got a surprise baptism of diane,  guillaume's sister.  guillaume was my first baptism that is actually in elder hales' secteur so we passed their family to them.  diane couldn't get baptized for the longest time because we were waiting on permission from her father.  but now we are good to go and also its looking like their mom patience is going to get baptized this saturday coming up, if she can talk with her husband who is in france right now.  so awesome.  i love that family so much.  it is really a miracle. 

heather looks so big!  i can't believe it.  president dickson, seventy, president of west africa is coming to our mission this week which should be really awesome.  i think he spoke in general conference this last one but maybe not.  yeah we still haven't got our general conference liahonas yet.... but it should be good to hear from him.  apparently, he only has one arm.... cool huh. 

stock trading sounds great.  i hope it works out the way it's supposed to.  this week elder ouonnebo was sick and so we stayed home one day.  that was a long day, but i got to finish the last 200 pages of jesus the christ.  wow.  as much as its hot and i'm always tired, and sweaty, hungry, thirsty, and everything else when we are out, i wouldn't trade being out and working for anything.  being forced to stay home and be sick is hard, it throws off the always busy groove. 

it keeps raining more and more now.  it rained a lot the night before last and all the streets were flooded.  it makes things interesting though, trying to stay dry and traverse these huge river puddles.  sometimes they have stones put out on the side of the road to use as stepping stones but it gets tricky.  haha its great though.  it cools things down. 

well i think that is all for this week.  just a few rambles and tidbits for ya.  thanks as always for all your letters. 

I love you all! Elder Rybin