June 24, 2013 - Amazing and awesome Africans

hello family! 
sounds like the week has gone great!  this week has flown by and the last 6 months too.  crazy!  summer.... just like i remember: dream filled, but ending up being a lazy reality, but got to love it! yesterday was awesome!  we had 6 amis at church booyah!!! fofo our super poor friend came.  man i love him so much. he is so prepared for the gospel!  also another ami,  remi came.  also an amazingly prepared person.  africans are so prepared! i love it. we have only had 2 quick lessons with him, and talked a little about baptism, but yesterday he told us he wants to get baptized, this saturday or the next.  we were so shocked, but it's awesome.  it will take a lot but this saturday could happen, but i know he will even if its next saturday.   also yolande was there at church.  an amazing lady, that is going to get baptized this saturday too. like i said africans are awesome. 

so we're working hard, but always need to be working harder. there is so much to do.  we are planning on visiting a lot of less actives this week and next to help our branch. should make out to be challenging seeing as most don't have addresses. the ones that do aren't really that helpful, some have old phone numbers, and some are just a weird african name, but we've got some members to help and we are on the hunt!  i love talking to people here, i wish you could just come and talk to the first 100 people you see and you would understand, they're all so crazy and awesome. they have great stories.  they all need the gospel. 

elder digbe, sheesh he's great, great teacher.  he loves to teach with questions and i'm learning a lot from him.  he says he likes teaching with questions because it helps people figure it out themselves, which is the best way they can learn. (learning by faith, benjamin thanks for that talk, i've learned a lot from it, and all the others too that you guys sent me).  he has been a member all his life actually. his family is members.  i'm loading a picture right now.  also when i was going through the pictures i saw one of the baptism saturday.  can you guess?  patience!!! yes i was so happy for her. her son guillaume baptized her. i love that family so much, they are (i feel like ive said amazing and awesome way too much already describing people here, but sorry, they just are and i can't think of a better way) awesome and amazing!  that just made my whole day. 

also sad news, our couple the leavitts are leaving this week they are great too.  i will sincerely miss them.  the eastmans are coming from benin to stay with us for a bit, until the new couple comes.  there are normally three couples here. one togo, one benin, and one office - also in benin, so two benin.  should be good.  the leavitts have served three missions in west africa already and are super great people. i will miss them a lot. 

this morning we played basketball!  first time in a long time.  it was a big activity with all the missionaries in togo and went good.  its been a long time.  most africans don't really play basketball, just soccer, but the ones that do jump.  also there was one member, the hugest man i've seen here. he's like 6' 8" from our branch.  he came and threw it down a couple of times but he was on my team so we're all good, i'm still alive. 

that's a great story.  i've heard it before, probably at timberline.  nathan how was that?  good?  but it's still a great story and i loved reading it.  no i haven't tried cream of wheat.  what the heck is germade or whatever?  yea, mom you cook too good so i didn't really know anything, but i can make some great spaghetti now.  so yeah what is germade, or something like it i can use.  i eat oatmeal a lot of mornings and make pancakes or french toast frequently. saturday we made tons of french toast and i mean a lot. we made it for the whole apartment. i ate 15 pieces of french toast.  and yeah struggled moving for most of the day but it was great.  i think that is all for this week.  i love you all.  thanks for your prayers and letters and everything else. :) 

enjoy the pictures! 
Love Elder Rybin