June 10, 2013 - Money in Togo

another week has flown by! sounds like summer is going good back home everyone busy as usual.  nathan that sounds like an awesome trip. we just got back from eating at a members house.  we ate foutou or pat from plantains with some weird sauce.  it was really good though.  we are eating again tonight but i'm not sure what they are making for us.

This week is transfer week and there are some huge changes. this is a really big transfer.  Elder Ouonnebo, Elder Gomun, and Elder Rantoniana are all leaving Hedzranawoe, and pretty much every apartment has some changes.  Elder Digbe is going to be my new companion.  he is from cote d'ivoire like elder ouonnebo.  and he is coming from kelegougon just north of us so i already know him a little because they are in our zone and go to church with attiegou in our chapel.  i'm a little sad to see elder ouonnebo go, ive learned a lot so far but i'm excited to work with elder digbe.  An elder Siri or something like that is coming to be with elder hales and another american Elder Shearer is coming to be with elder kiputa as our new zone leader.  Elder Ouonnebo is jumping into the next secteur southish direction doumassesse and elder gomun is going to benin.  the transfer is happening wednesday for all inner-togo changes and i think thursday morning for benin-togo changes.  its going to be a little crazy i'm sure. 

yesterday we had a district conference for church.  it is just basically a stake conference but when its branches is a district.  so all the members in togo came to the new chapel for church.  we told everyone to come early to get a seat and so we could start on time.  we started an hour late... oh well though people just wouldn't stop coming.  from like 15 before 9 until after 10 it was a constant stream of members.  we filled every seat!  the missionaries had to stand in the back or on the sides even because there was so many people.  we had i think around 500 people there.  super awesome to see them all.  the new building is great and it was put to good use because it started pouring rain during the conference.  it's a little hard to tell from the pictures but no, the building is not as big as the ones back home.  it would be really small for a utah chapel, but it works so far for here.  

gaston and cherita and their daughter christina at the conference yesterday
also those are some pictures of the money that they use here.  that is all the coins front and back and then some bills.  they also have a blue 2000 bill but i didn't get a picture of that.  500 cfa is about 1 dollar.  


the way we convert is drop three zeros and double the number will give you amount in dollars.  so 10000 cfa is about 20 bucks.  5 cfa 1, cent etc.  and just to give you in general how much things cost a loaf of bread about the size mom makes will cost be 300 cfa about, or 60 cents.  you can get 30 eggs for 2500 cfa about.  that's just in general though to give you an idea.  pretty cool though right there's lots of weird symbols and pictures on the money that i hope you can see.  


well i think that is all for this week.  thanks for all your letters and enjoy the warm weather!  

i love you all!
Elder Rybin