June 17, 2013 - New companion, humble people

Hey family! 

Lots of changes this week, but I'm learning a lot already.  Elder Digbe (said like dig bay) is a great missionary.  He is a great teacher and has already taught me some things that I am improving about my teaching.  I really excited to work with him.  Its a little different having to lead around the secteur and show all the investigators, but I'm learning a lot.  Elder Hales' companion is Elder Sery (said like the iphone). 

not much super exciting happened this week.  the scale says that i've lost 40 pounds! or at least the last time that i checked it.  sheesh i'm wasting away. 

i had a super humbling experience yesterday.  we had talked to one investigator who is really interested and loving the message about coming to church.  his name is Fofo.  he said he was coming and then wasn't there so we stopped by that evening to see why he wasn't there.  he told us he didn't come because he didn't have anything to wear to go into the lords house.  he is really young probably like 21 ish and has two little kids, he is trying to go to an apprenticeship thing and work, but basically has nothing.  he has one t-shirt and one pair of cut of jeans that he can wear every day, and probably washes once a week.  he literally has nothing.  he was ashamed, and told us that he wanted to come but couldn't disrespect the lords house like that.  we told him the lord doesn't care about any of that but looks at our hearts.  elder digbe is giving him one of his pants that is too long tomorrow and so he can come to church next week. 

I was super humbled, ashamed even about what i have now, and had at home.  I knew that poverty existed, and had even seen pictures and movies, but i didn't ever really understand what poverty is.  Don't ever take anything for granted! God loves us all.  All He does is for our good and benefit, if we will but accept his will everything will turn out in the end.  1 nephi 7:12 i think explains a little of that. i read it this week its nephi talking to his brothers to build their faith.  says something like Don't you know that god is able to do all things? "soyons lui donc fidele" or "therefore let us be faithful to him".  gods goal is our eternal happiness! if we follow him that's where he'll lead us so stop worrying about all the stuff that doesn't matter and just trust in him. 

i love the gospel!  i am learning so much, learning some things that i knew before, but didn't fully understand the significance of.  well that's all i've got to say about that :) 

I love you all!  trust in God!  have a great week!
Elder Rybin