July 1, 2013 - i love being a missionary

well i've got diarrhea. not super awesome but you make do. i've held out this far, but you can't escape it. :)

sheesh, everyone sounds like they have been just partying all summer.  its good, we have a fourth of july party planned for thursday!  booyah.  we are getting pizza, and having root beer floats.  we had to search a little to amass the stuff, but so far its gonna be good. 

yolande got baptised on saturday! she is so awesome.  she brought her mom and two brothers too and they came to church with her yesterday, they sound super interested.  it was a great baptism service too, lots of people.  i forgot my camera so i'll send pictures next week. 

dado is pretty much a full time missionary too.  she is amazing. she talks to everyone about the gospel.  she'll take a taxi moto from church and then talk to him about church and get his number to give to us.  yesterday she brought 2 neighbors to church with her!  ah she's so great! she loves the gospel so much and wants to get her whole family into the church to they can go to the temple next year. 

you never know what is going to happen when you talk to someone.  both yolande and dado were crazy finds.  the lord knows where his children are and whom he has prepared. he is leading this work i know it. 

i love being a missionary.  yeah most of the time it's hard, tiring, but when you get to be a part of someone's conversion, when you see someone change, really change.  when you see what the gospel is really about because it takes someone and fills their whole life with hope and light and happiness. when you have the good times, it makes it all worth it.  there is nothing like being a missionary.  i've never been closer to the holy ghost, i've never felt more deeply the two extremes of joy and sorrow. it's so hard to see someone reject what they know is true, or someone who is so prepared that refuses to find the answers they want, but when they do its amazing. that's my blurb about being a missionary for this week. 

july!  wow the year is already halfway over.  the rain is slowing down here, and it hasn't really heated up that much so that's good.  hope you all have a great week. 

love Elder Rybin