January 29, 2013

Hey family! 
How is life back home?  I am doing alright here.  We got a new mission president this week, President Nally.  so far he has been good.  this means i will have four mission presidents on my mission, if you count the ones here at the mtc.  thanks for your letters.  the watch you sent me got scratched a little bit.  it is not a lot and doesn't really bother me, but if there is some kind of warrantee, i can send it back, but if not no worries because I'm sure it would probably just happen again sometime in the next two years. 

over half way now though.  the tahitian district in our branch just left so now those that came on dec 19 are the oldest.  we get one sister this week and then something like 48 the next week.  then two weeks after that another 45 - pretty crazy!  I finished my mormon.org profile, but can't upload a picture here.  mom will you do that for me and then submit it if everything sounds good?  thank you.  Also i do need some replacement razor blades.  my first is gone and second is being used right now.  no rush, but sometime in the next week or two would be great. it would probably be a good idea to send me a whole lot that i can take to africa. 

only four weeks for the benin elders, and three for the lyon and canada elders.  that is so crazy!  three weeks feels like such a short time, but 4 seems much longer than a week more.  this week we had our malaria meeting.  we picked up our pills and start taking them.  nothing to worry about, just take them and you should be fine. 

my french is still improving.  i can speak better and faster each, day and understand more and more, but it still is hard to understand a real french speaking person.  and I'm sure it will be really hard to understand in africa too. 

tell dani that st. petersburg is awesome!!  and that i am so excited for her. she will be a great missionary.  i am going to try to find the st. petersburg elders. i think they are a couple floors up from me in the classroom, and tell them when they see her to say hi from me.  I have done that with a few other people, especially those elders going to paris for lauren and natalie haha. 

Thank you Crystal for your letter, that was awesome.  trina, curtis and heather you guys are awesome. i love you.  if you have any questions then you should ask them to me and then i can have more stuff to talk about.  oh and elder hatch says hi.  he is another friend from af going to congo,  speaking french.  

i need to go get breakfast now though, so i think i am going to go.  i forgot my camera so no pictures this week.  there is one picture of elder clarke, elder hatch's companion right after he drank HALF a jar of queso.  it was so nasty!!!!  we had it left over from the chips we were eating, and he was like... I'll drink that.  and then he did.  it was so nasty.  so far our record for a eating whole bag of restaurant style chips with queso as a district - just the elders :) - is 2 minutes 36 seconds.  I'm not sure if i should be proud or disgusted by that record, but i am.  love you all!  good luck nathan in wrestling, and way to go sticking it out especially with school and all that.  Emma i will try to get a letter written to you soon.  benjamin i would write you a letter if you ever wrote me....  mom you are the best!  i love you so much! 

I'll write you all next week, talk to you in 4 weeks and see you in 22 and a half months. 
love, elder rybin