February 5, 2013

Hey everyone, rise and shine.  it is 6:12 am here too :) we have been getting up a bit early to do laundry because it gets so packed later in the day and the computers in the laundry room are all filled with lines so here i am. 

I think i forgot to tell you but i was a host last week for the new missionaries, and i get to host again tomorrow!  i'm pretty excited.  it is unlikely that i will be able to host austin, but possible.  there is a chance that i will be conducting traffic so look for me in one of the orange yellow vests or on the side of the road.  if not, i will be on the sidewalk with everyone else.  i will try to get to a place where i can see him easier.  i am psyched for him to come in so i can see him. 

no worries about the watch, it is not a problem.  thanks for getting on mormon.org and updating my profile.  I forgot that i asked you to do that and i was going to do it again today, so thanks for following up with me, haha.  [Check out Elder Rybin's profile at http://mormon.org/me/B94Q/MattRybin

we are getting 38 or so new missionaries, of which 13 are sisters i think.  pretty crazy.  a couple of weeks after we leave then they get like 68 missionaries in one day.   that will be insane.  yeah the busy-ness keeps tiredness away.  it is not bad when i have something engaging to do, but if i slow down for one second, i am dozing off.  we have to go early to the devotionals and firesides on sunday and tuesday night so we can get good seats, and sometimes have to wait for awhile and it is so hard to stay awake, but if it is a good speaker i am up and ready to go when they are speaking.

my favorite thing about the mtc is probably the devotionals and firesides.  they are really awesome most of the time, and get me pumped for missionary work.  last tuesday we saw L. Whitney Clayton, and on sunday some guy named Benson Porter, he was pretty great. 

malaria medicine is pills and we take them once a day starting like 2 days before and until a month after we get home. TRC is when real people from the outside world come in that speak french and we can speak with them and it is kinda like a family home evening or home teaching lesson.  this last weeks was really great, because we taught a really awesome lesson.  but a few weeks ago i saw alissa murdock, she is the one going to canada, that served on seminary council with me, i think she is already here at the mtc now, but she is in the english class because she is good enough at french.  so that would be my guess of who lauren knows. 

We have just one MTC president, but he has two counselors that are in the presidency, and all their wives.  they just got swichted and now it is president nally.  you don't see them that often outside of the firesides and that, but it is not super uncommon.

I will try to ask about bringing razor blades into the country and get back to you.  I don't think there is anything else that i need right now. 

tell crystal thanks for the letters. i love to hear the quotes from trina and curtis of what they say about.  curtis said that i should come over to his house after i'm done here.  which i totally will!  trina said "what is it like there?"  and to answer that it is kind of a mix between going to church all day, going to school all day, and  being with your friends all day. 

good luck in school everyone.  nathan good luck in wrestling, and look forward to getting more sleep, i'm a little jealous.  emma i will try to send you something today, but if i don't get to it sorry.  benjamin you still haven't anwsered my questions..... so yeah haha.  but thanks for the letter.  tell everyone back home hi for me when you see them.  tell austin to look for me tomorrow, i will look for him.  good luck with the anniversary.  dad good luck in school, thanks for the experience you shared.  mom i love you, thanks for the letter.  Love you all!  have a good week, do good in school. 

love love love Elder Rybin.