January 22, 2013

Hey family. 
They don't deliver Dear Elder until like dinner time so I haven't received them yet, but I'm excited for it. Yeah, 1 month just a few days ago.  that means only 5 or 6 more weeks.  I am losing count.  I saw kendall (orton) just the other day.  i came up behind him and covered his eyes and it kind of freaked him out.  it was great.  I'm excited to see brandon (garlick) this week.  That is so awesome that maddie (schellenberg) is going to finland.  one of the elders that left a week ago going to lyon was from finland.  that language is crazy!!!  the word for missionary is like 25 letters long and looks like this "a;lskdjfndklsoienrn;dslsierhklamsn" but I'm super excited for her.  I am also excited to see where dani (peterson) is going! 
there keeps getting more and more missionaries every week and tons and tons of sister missionaries.  it is crazy.  we have gym like 4 or 5 times a week for a little less than an hour.  i usually dominate everyone at four square.  including elder hales. haha (he says that is a lie but its not).  i will see lauren (hafen) here for a few days, and probably that other kid.  the tahitians are leaving the branch next week and then we will officially be the oldest, and then about one hundred new french speaking missionaries are coming in.  about 45 with lauren and like 45 two weeks before and then a handful the other weeks.  its gonna be crazy. 

Did you hear that Elder Holland came a week ago for our tuesday night devotional.  it was awesome.  he gave one of his usual fire and brimstone, scare you to be an awesome missionary, talks that are awesome.  one of the best parts was when he was talking about how missionaries sometimes don't convert themselves and then they get home and fall away.  he said that those people wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alley after that.  he was basically yelling into the mic and said pointing his finger at all of us.  "I COMMAND YOU TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE CONVERT ON YOUR MISSION AND IF THAT IS ALL, IT BETTER BE YOU"  it was pretty awesome. 
also, elder hales replaced me as district leader because we are half way through now.  we just got a notice when we checked for mail that elder potter, hales, and i have to report to the health clinic tomorrow for malaria info.  we don't know any more than that but should be fun. 

thanks for the new talks that should be good for now.  i have really loved reading through them and studying them.  i have learned a lot.  its really cold here all the time.  it just gets me more and more excited for africa and no negative degree mornings and temple walks that make your face hurt. just hot hot hot.  I'm psyched! i am constantly tired here.  i could fall asleep any time of the day if i wasn't doing stuff.  it is so hard to stay awake in the temple and at church.  i was snoring a little in the temple this morning, but not too loud and just for a second :).  at church i blink and then my head just falls, but it is ok, just keep working. 

tell everyone back home they are awesome.  I'll look for brandon tomorrow and this week.  love you all, thanks for the letters that i will read tonight!  stay warm.
love love love.  Elder Rybin