January 8, 2013

Elder Hales and Elder Rybin
Hello Family!  this week has been good.  We had a good week, not much different.  I found out yesterday they are keeping me for the full 10 weeks.  I was pretty bummed about it and frustrated, but it's ok.  there is something here that i need to learn or maybe something i need to help others learn.  most likely the first. 

We are just done with the temple.  it was good to go after 2 weeks of missing it.  we ate in the temple cafeteria which was good, better than at the mtc.  the two permanent teachers i have did not go to benin but one of the zone resource teachers did and we have talked to him a few times.  my morning teacher frere corbett went to quebec on his mission and my night teacher went to lyon.  they are both pretty great teachers. 

there is not really anything i need right now, we have so much junk food that all of our moms keep sending us.  I shared the cinnamon rolls with the others in the district and they said to tell you that they are awesome and you are the greatest cook ever.  I told them i knew that already :)

Elder Marson (L) &  Elder Potter (R)
I would like you to send me some talks printed off that i can read because i have yet to find out where i can do that.  i can listen to them, and some even in french which i have been doing a lot lately but i can't print them off.  so i would like "seek learning by faith" by elder bednar.  "none were with him" by elder holland.  and any others that you guys would think would be good. it doesn't really matter how many because i'll be able to get to them all.  also send the one by elder christopherson about loving me enough to hurt me and the bush story.  benjamin if you know any good mission talks send them all.  i already have the challenging and testifying missionary one so don't worry about that one, but all the rest of them that you can think of.  i would love it. 

i have worn my glasses 99 percent of the time here so i'm good without the contacts stuff too. shaving is fine.  also I would like you to send me a watch.  nothing expensive or heavy or weird :) but i always have to ask elder hales what time it is and it is really annoying..  i might send it home before i go to africa but for the next 7 weeks i would like one. 

also i was thinking about grandma schieler the other day.  i want to send her something.

District Elders at the Provo Temple
I am improving a lot.  I can speak french pretty much as good as the elders who are leaving next week so i have been spending a lot of my time helping everyone else in my district.  thanks also for the pictures, they were great.  ps i forgot to send kendall and kyle a letter last p day and i can write one today, but if you see austin tell him to tell everyone to send me their addresses so i can send it to them.  especially their mtc and field addresses so i don't have to wait for them to send me something.  tell brandon i will see him and also pretty much everyone else.  I might be able to get on hosting duty on one of the weeks and pick some of them up. 

Room for more??
we are getting another district tomorrow with 5 elders and 3 sisters. I'm not sure where they are going, but that's cool.  the mtc is already starting to get more and more packed.  over the next two months it is going to get really crazy.  im not sure how they are going to do it.  I'm going to send pictures in a bit. i know how but i figured out that only some of the computers let you and so that's why i haven't been able to send any.  so i'm going to go switch my laundry and then send some pictures. 

love you all.  thanks for the letters.  I'm looking forward to getting a whole bunch of talks to read and study :)  have a great week.  good luck in school.  don't freeze.  it has been really cold down here. a few days ago it was like -8 degrees outside at 9 in the morning.  it is getting better though for now at least. 

love you all! Elder Rybin