January 15, 2013

This week has been good.  We sent off a lot of elders to a whole bunch of different places yesterday and today.  our zone has shrunk by probably half, but we are going to get like 45 missionaries in a couple of weeks and then 40 something more like the next week. some are going to paris, some to lyon, some to florida, some to boston, and some to africa.
thanks for all the letters and packages.  the watch is doing great thanks and I haven't finished all the talks yet but i have read over half and will read a few more today.  another one of my friends came in last week he is going to congo and so he is just a few doors up from me.  it is cool to see him all the time.  When does lauren hafen come in?  is it the week before i leave? i'll definitely see her if it is.  but if not, i told a few of the elders that are going to paris to say hi to her and natalie when they see them from me. 

Elder hales and i taught some awesome lessons this week.  we have 3 "investigators" right now that are 3 different teachers that pretend to be investigators that they taught on their missions.  All three of them have said yes to baptism, some it took longer than others but some it was pretty fast.  we have been teaching them all for different lengths of time too.  I am learning a lot more about how the spirit works with me especially during lessons.  it is really awesome to see that improvement too.  we brought another one of the teachers to a lesson with ashley one of our investigators and that lesson went super well.  the lessons here can be really awesome, but i just can't wait to be king.  sorry that just popped into my head.  but i can't wait to get to africa and teach real real people and not just pretend real people.  

language is coming along.  i spend most of my time teaching other people how to do stuff but it is good for me too.  there are still things that take me some time to say, but i am getting better.  it is hard when i want to say something but can't, but i will get there.  also something else i learned or realized while i was sitting in priesthood on sunday was that not once does it say " to teach" in the purpose of a missionary.  the closest thing is invite and "help receive".  pretty interesting when you think about it.  

nathan i will send you a written experience.  i am running out of time on email.  also benjamin i will write you too and answer your questions.  it is really cold here all the time especially in the early morning or late nights and when i only have my short sleeves under my jacket.... i am surviving but i can't wait to get to africa and soak up the warmth and thaw out my bones.  good luck in school everyone.  don't freeze mom.  love you all.  i will send some pictures in a bit. i have to go to another computer.  also you could send me some more talks, no rush, but they are awesome and i'll be done with those others in a few days tops.  

love elder Rybin.