11/11/13 - half a letter from the previous week before computer froze

again we are late getting to the cyber and so i don't have a whole lot of time to write. sorry.  but this week was good.  time is passing. we are almost halfway done with november.  christmas is only a couple weeks away!  i've started to sing christmas songs as often as i can now to get me all in the spirit because there's not much else christmasy here -- no snow, no cold (not a bad thing just different), no christmas crazyness, and all that.  i guess for you all its still thanksgiving first but i'm already getting excited for christmas.  anyways i think there are turkeys here but not really sure. 

sounds like life back home is going good, just like normal.  i didn't hear anything about the storm in the philippines, that's crazy.  i think i know a couple of people that are there now.  

we had a zone conference this week which means that president and the assistants and our zone with the next zone over, tokoin, all got together.  it was really good.  every time that we have one i just have a desire to be better, do better. president weed says often that we all need to rise up to a new level of obedience, faith, diligence, work, etc each time.  he counsels us often to find a couple things that we can improve on and then work on changing them. 

this is what i started writing last week, enjoy haha love you
Elder Rybin