11/18/13 - BEACH!! Zone trip

ok family,

our cyber has been sooooooooooooooooo slow for these last couple of weeks.  aujourd'hui it took me 1 hour 10 minutes to load up my email.  yeah i don't know what's wrong but it's really frustrating. 

anyways.  it's been a long time. it feels like that i haven't written.  but the biggest news for the week is that today we went to the beach!!! yes, mom, you do have permission to be so totally jealous.  it was amazing!  right as we started walking on the sand and i smelled the salty ocean breeze i was taken back to malibu.  it was bitter sweet because i wanted to go swimming really bad.  but yes it was great.  i tried to imagine what you all were experiencing in good old utah winter, shivered, and took a deep breath and enjoyed the sun for you all.  mom if i could've called you i would've so you could hear the ocean waves, sorry.  im going to send some pictures today.  but don't worry mom.  i collected some beach rocks and shells and sand, so I'm all prepared.  it was a great zone activity all in all. 

on the beach there were people fishing that we were talking too.  their fishing is crazy!  at 5 am this morning they rowed out in a boat super far and place this huge net (like 600 feet long) and they pull both sides all morning long until noon and they pull the net in with a whole bunch of fish.  just as we were leaving they were pulling the net up with all the fish.  it was pretty cool.  hard work though. 

we've been working really hard. elder kongolo and i are are having more success little by little.  we are setting some big goals and seeing some miracles.  it is going good.  there are still a lot of things that need to happen but it's coming along.  also we got a call this weekend and there is a transfer this week.  elder kognani is transferred to benin.  he is being replaced by elder sonatiananiana yeah i just typed a whole lot of i a and n;s and its something like that.  he's malagash.  it will be a little weird.  i really like elder kognani and we've been in attiegou together for the last 4 months but that's the mission.  there's going to be another transfer in december because people are going home, and were going to get a new assistant and a couple new zone leaders.  we'll see. 

oh i think those nuts that i talked about awhile ago are hazel nuts. what do hazel nuts look like before they are pulled out of the fruit stuff?  i don't know. 

my package is in benin?!  that's awesome.  that was fast, i think it could take a couple of weeks to get through customs here, and a couple days to get to me, or a week so i could be just before christmas.  but i'll think about the couple offer, to get something else here quick.  sounds like a good idea, but i'm not sure what yet.  i'll let you know.  because the cyber is so slow we don't have much time today either.  so have a great week.  enjoy the pictures! 

i love you all!
Elder Rybin