9/23/13 - blessings, second rainy season, ami martin

happy birthday!  can you believe that its already the end of september?  i don't know.  what's all the plans for the birthday?  you'll have to let me know how it goes.  i'll wish you happy birthday, nathan and emma, friday.  fall is coming.  have fun in winter!! haha. 

today was a super nice day cloudy and rainy and cool-ish.  the second rainy season is right now but for the moment it's pretty wimpy, but it's been pretty windy lately.  overall the only temperature we have here is humid.  its good though, i haven't had to wear chapstick since being here, my elbows are so smooth! it's awesome, no dry hands or skin.  i kinda like it.  unless its combined with 95 degree sun, then i just die. but sounds like you all are still having fun even with school, the utah byu game, eating at foriegn restaurants, birthdays, etc etc.

this last week president weed came around and did his interviews with all the missionaries in Togo, it went really well, i learned some things. president is so wise, i love it. sister weed challenged us to make a list of 100 things that were grateful for, it was awesome! i copied mine into my journal, and i'm thinking about getting another journal and making just a list, at least one thing per day, of things i'm grateful for, i'm not sure how exactly i'm going to do it but we'll see. 

president said that we are getting 20 new missionaries at the beginning of october ( around when elder Ndaye and Rakatsoniaina leave) and so a lot of people are going to have to train, and it's going to be a huge mutation [transfer], we'll see what happens.

i've been learning lately a lot about grace: the strengthening and enabling power of the atonement.  what a huge blessing. i've been focusing a lot on improving my personal prayers, and it's taking a lot of work, but i've seen some improvement, studying the atonement and grace is helping me change my prayers.

not really any crazy stories for this week, but we did have another lesson with our ami [investigator] martin.  he is one of my favorite people to teach.  he is a philosophy teacher, and super smart and loves learning.  a lot of  smart people we talk to or people that know a lot about the bible love to show off how much they know by just talking and talking and quoting scripture, which is frustrating when you're trying to teach.  but with martin, he is so receptive, and is just soaking it all up ,and he understands it too. it's like someone doing a puzzle that just can't put all the pieces together fast enough, and we just keep feeding him the right pieces, and he puts it all together himself.  it's so awesome to see and i love teaching him.  only problem is that he has so many responsibilities in his own church he hasn't been able to come to church yet.  but he told us this week: "don't think that you're wasting your time here.  what you're doing here with me and what you do with others is amazing".  he'll come to church, i'm sure of it, but it'll take some time, prayers, lots of faith and gods help.

Thanks for all your letters and stories.  have a great week!
I love you all!
Elder Rybin