9/2/13 Thanks from Paul, a new convert

Hello again family! 

everyone sounds like their busy with school!  thats good, i hope all your classes and teachers are good.  can you believe it's already september? time just keeps on going and going. 

so i think i said last week there was a mutation [transfer]  this week but turns out its next week.  soooo no new exciting/surprising changes for now but next week there is going to be a lot of big changes coming up because of all the missionaries leaving and the lot that are coming in too.  we'll see though.  for now we're just moving along here in attiegou.
i didn't send any "crazy" stories from last week?  i haven't had anything that "crazy" for the last little bit.  this week has been pretty mello just the same old teaching lessons talking to people, you know the missionary work but lets see...

[Note:  At times Elder Rybin uses the word "crazy".  It is not meant to be disrespectful at all.  He loves the people in Togo with all his heart.  At times he is amused with their actions and words, hence his use of the word "crazy".  However, he always says that the people of Africa are "awesome and amazing".  He is grateful to be serving the Lord among the people in West Africa!]

the other day in english class i was talking about how to buy something at the market and we learned some food vocabulary.  We were doing some practice and i came up to paul and the person he was working with.  He said ok: "how much do these honies cost?"  so i usually do pretty good about not laughing when people try to speak and it comes out weird or funny because i know how it is to learn another language but this time i just lost it.  haha he was like what?  and i then had to explain that honey is never plural otherwise it becomes slang for something like wife or women, then we all had a good laugh together. haha

also latest news from Hodessa, the guy that thinks he's japanese, is that he was apparently created from a computer 2000 years before jesus christ.... and also that he was the supreme leader of the government of the planet before but it was abolished or something like that.  haha i'm really not sure what to think about him anymore he always has these stories but he comes to english class and church so we are trying to figure out what to do.  he also said in english class that he can't sing anymore because when he sings the weather changes and it thunders and brings storms.  yep that's hodessa.

one of the best things about missionary work is when people tell you thank you.  when it comes down to it we don't really do much it's all God and the spirit book of mormon and all that, but we get to be there and see the change, see the light come into their lives.   it's the most amazing thing to see.  paul (from english class, same guy) is the brother of yolande my recent covert from hedzranawoe.  he was baptized by the zone leaders right after i left, but he told me this week thank you, and i said you're welcome but it's really not me who did this for you and your sister and family, but he said no, if you weren't there maybe all this wouldn't have happened. thank you.  it's amazing. 

yesterday we had a super awesome testimony meeting, i love testimony meeting here, because pretty much everyone is a convert and have so many of those cool missionary stories.  the spirit is so strong i love it.

so there's my stories for the week.  and you?  i keep forgetting did you say september that crystal's house is going to be done, or when? keep up the good work in school and life.  hope you all have a great week!

Elder Rybin