9/16/2013 - more flying animals, small world, pictures


hello again.  sounds like your week has been super busy with school.  thanks for the food ideas.  i know it's hard because you don't know what i have but rice, yep definitely have rice, but no cheese or tortillas.  i can get bread though, normal bread.  it's good to hear that Sam is doing better thanks for the update. 

i don't know what it is with flying animals in our apartment lately but right before we left there was a bird in our apartment, so we prepared our broom, and hit him once to get him to stop flying and grabbed him and put him outside.  heather is getting so big!  crazy walking soon, what? she looks like a little trina.
other random news: i met the parents of ami bennion yesterday at church.  apparently they are missionaries in ghana for some young adult thing in west africa, and they are here in togo to do some seminars or something like that, anyway they were at our church, and they asked me where i was from and i said american fork and they said, oh we have a daughter who lives there and i asked where and they said just south and west of the temple, and i hesitated, trying to orient myself, and was thinking that's where i live.... and they were like do you know where the hospital is, and i said yep i live right across the street.  anyways, didn't get to talk much just a couple of minutes, but small world.

the soles inside my shoes on one of my pairs are wearing out.  i don't think i can find those anywhere so if you could add that to the list.

this week i memorized d and c 122: 5-9 and d and c 121: 34-46 both in french.  it took a little time and i'm still polishing them up but it was good.  i love how in d and c 121: 7 or 8 or something like that and 122: 8 god says "mon fils" [my son].  i don't think there is a title more comforting god could use.  president utchdorf used it as one of his 4 titles in his preisthood session talk too.  very cool. speaking of scriptures my goal is to finish the new testament by the end of the month, i just finish Colossians today and so i think i have to read about 5 pages in my french bible a day, making about 14 days, so perfect.  i have really liked reading the new testament, i've learned a lot. 

pictures this week: we were sitting outside the house of one of our investigators and i saw those clouds rolling by and decided to take a picture. 

thats engonam and mathias and onivia and prince the family we just baptized last month, at church yesterday.  don't worry they're happy people here just don't smile much in pictures. not really sure why, it's like those old, old pictures we have.

and last of all that's a big old lizard.  just soaking up the sun on our wall.  i'm not sure if you can tell but he's like a foot long from tail to nose.  pretty decent sized, but not the biggest we can see here.  lots of them though. 

well i think that is all for this week.  thanks for your letters.  love you all and have a great week!
Elder Rybin